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The boarding schools in India have been in existence for many decades. Many boarding schools have made such a reputation that they have received at least two generations of students; sometimes from the same families. It is because of a truth that many know, which is inevitable, much-hated; yet appreciated a lot. The truth is that boarding schools create a child from a dependent individual to a strong and independent entity.

All boarding IB schools may have specific and impressive curriculum for students, but they all are concentrated towards establishing the first element of boarding school life; self-dependency. It is essentially a trait that day-boarding schools are unable to install fully in their students because the parents are always there to look after their children.

Why Self-Dependency Is Hated By Many?

It is a beautiful attribute to have in life, which is also a strong element which adds strength to the personality of an individual. But there are some other aspects to it, which makes it somewhat an element that is hated by many.

  1. Honest: The first thing that comes with self-dependency is honesty. A student has to be honest to himself or herself first, to comprehend what he or she needs around. It makes them question what is important to them, to earn, to have, to maintain, to share, to give. They are more vocal about their feelings, intentions and objectives. A trait that gets developed due to lack of time-in-hand and needing one to be clear as well as truthful in their speech.
  2. Straight-Forward: With honesty comes straight-forwardness. Since, there is not much time-in-hand, a student finds it better to be straight-forward in his or her approach with others around. There is no time to waste, no lies to be said, nothing additional to be stocked, no enmity to be harbored with anyone; but being clear in what one intends to do.
  3. Go-Getter: With not much time at hand, and being straight-forward, a student learns to prioritise his or her needs. This means, there will be a clear need to get the required things by the student. It also means that the student has to work hard and smart to achieve the desired score in education as well as in extra-curricular activities.
  4. Courageous: Courage becomes the by-product of all the above three aspects of being in one of the boarding schools in India. A student becomes courageous to do things such as ask the right questions, even when they are slightly ridiculous but would matter much in the long duration. Courage to do the correct thing, when everyone else is doing the comfortable thing is only possible when a child is out of his or her comfort zone.

The independent student of boarding IB schools become an epitome of success because he or she learns to manage time very well. There are no distractions around such as family functions, marriages to attend with family, running household chores. Thus a student gets to study and develop his or her intellect alongside the character.

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