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Everything you should know about Ceiling System

Ceiling tiles, which are interchangeably called ceiling panels, are lightweight and create an attractive ceiling. You might have already seen the several stunning ceilings and beautiful lighting decor attached to the ceiling. But do you know, there are a variety of ceilings that can revamp your home and business space and impress your guests and clients? Let’s walk through the different ceiling types to understand the ceiling’s nooks and why you should incorporate one in your space.

We provide you with the right insulating and dry lining solutions.

A suspended ceiling system is a ceiling that creates an illusion of an actual ceiling from a drop. Because this ceiling is broken or dropped at a 3 to 3 inches gap, it is also interchangeably called a drop ceiling.

The suspended Ceiling Grid is made of steel and plastic. Mostly, businesses and spaces use these ceilings to hide ductwork, plumbing, electrical work, or ceiling leakage to prevent an unappealing ceiling. By adding this ceiling to your actual serving, you can make your ceiling appear aesthetically beautiful and, at the same time, hide the flaws.

The suspended ceiling grid is available in two sizes: 9/16 and 15/16.

  • Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Suspended ceiling tiles or drop ceiling tiles create an aesthetic interior into your space and are easily replaceable. These ceilings are very convenient. If you find any cracks or leakage in the primary ceiling, they can be easily repaired.

Suspended ceiling tiles are:

  • affordable
  • insulating
  • easily repaired

What are the benefits of a Suspended Ceiling?

Suspended ceilings provide a smoother finish to the internal ceiling of the space hooding the electrical wires and other flaws in the ceilings, but at the same time give much deeper benefits:

  • Insulation

Suspended ceilings create a warmer space, which adds to the energy efficiency of the room and makes the room warmer.

  • Safety

This ceiling is efficient is holding fires, and by adding fire resistance to the suspended ceiling, you can prevent the chances of major accidents.

  • Acoustic
  • Lighting

These ceilings are well known for high lighting reflection across the room. Ceilings with high lighting reflectance ceilings can return up to 90% of the light into space, while the standard ceilings can do it up to 75%.

Where are Suspended Ceiling Systems used?

Suspended ceiling systems are used for domestic purposes mostly in kitchen and conservatories and commercial industries:

  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Retail units
  • Industrial units
  • MF Ceiling System

Metal Frame Plasterboard Ceiling system uses metal and plasterboard together to ft in a ceiling. You can make it fire, moisture, and sound-resistant depending on the plasterboard.

An MF ceiling system is installed with the suspended ceiling.

You can find a range of ceiling systems at our company to create an aesthetic interior.

Why should you choose the MF ceiling?

  • It is easy to carry and install
  • It quickly creates bulkheads and changes panels
  • It provides suspension from concrete and timber floors
  • It gives versatility with fire and acoustic capabilities

Types of Ceiling

  • Baffle Ceiling

Baffle ceilings create a modern and architectural atmosphere in your space by adding attractive designs. These ceilings come in plain and perforated designs to add a creative visual to space. They are available in silver and white designs and can be removed separately.

Why should you choose Baffle ceilings?

  • You do not need extra renovation to incorporate them into your space
  • They help in reducing noise
  • They are cost-effective
  • They create an attractive space
  • They make the interior more personal
  • Grid Ceilings

Grid ceilings are fake ceilings that are suspended from an existing ceiling system. These ceilings are also called T-bar ceilings because of the T-bars that form the grid that holds the ceiling panels in place.

Why should you choose Grid Ceilings?

  • They add a dramatic touch to interior design
  • They have acoustic properties which make these ceilings soundproof
  • These ceilings can easily hold lights

Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling tiles are made from mineral fiber and fiberglass. Mineral fiber tiles are good at absorbing sound to prevent echo, while fiberglass tiles prevent sound from passing through the ceiling to another space.

These tiles come in various designs like square edge, tegular edge, beveled tegular edge, and concealed edge. These tiles come with a smooth or rough space, which is either plain or comes with different patterns.

Here’s a list of ceiling tiles in the UK that you can incorporate into your space.

Metal Ceiling Tiles Suspended Ceiling Tiles Soundproof Ceiling Tiles Insulated Ceiling Tiles
These ceiling tiles are made from steel which comes in plain or perforated designs These tiles add a suspension or drop with a gap from the primary ceiling These ceiling tiles block sounds and reduce the noise in a room These ceiling tiles trap the air and make a room warmer

Metal Ceiling Tiles

Metal ceiling tiles are made of steel or aluminum and come in smooth and perforated designs. These ceiling tiles are sturdy and more robust, which is why they can cost higher. Whether you want to add them to your office space or your home space, they are perfect for adding a classic interior and being less prone to cracks and breaks. These ceilings are either plain or perforated designs that add a decorative touch to the ceiling.

Metal tiles are lighter, which makes the installation quick and easy. The best thing about these ceilings is, they require less maintenance on the building.

Soundproof Ceiling Tiles

Soundproof ceiling tiles or acoustic ceiling tiles create a ceiling system that either absorbs sound waves or blocks sound from traveling into other rooms. Some tiles have one of the two capabilities, and some have both.

These tiles are made from materials like fiberglass, foam, wood, polyester. While evaluating acoustic wall insulation or soundproof ceiling tile, you need to look at two ratings: Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) and Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC)

Insulated Ceiling Tiles

Insulated Ceiling Tiles create a warmer and energy-efficient space. By installing a suspended ceiling to a reduced height within your area, you can try warmer air within the room. With the help of insulating ceiling tiles, you not only get a warmer space, but you can easily save on energy bills.

These ceiling tiles are a superb option for restaurants and cafes where you want to create a warmer and cosy environment.

If you want to install an acoustic ceiling tile in your office or home, make sure it is installed below a hard ceiling surface to stop noise and enjoy a quiet and comfortable space.

Which ceiling grid is the best to use?

If you are stuck on which ceiling tile UK is the best to use in your space, it is Armstrong.

Adding a false ceiling to your space not only serves the purpose of creating an attractive interior but keeps your space acoustic, insulated, and healthy. We hope you with this ceiling guide, you can find the right ceiling for your room or commercial space and create a look that appeals to your style. At our company, we strive to bring you the best solution from thermal insulation to ceiling systems by housing manufacturers and brands under one roof.

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