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Tree Pruning
By KIARA WAYLEN 1,045 views

Everything you need to know about a Good Arborist

You can refer to an arborist as a tree engineer; his primary duty is maintaining trees and shrubs. The duty involves trimming and pruning, thus preventing them from interfering in the public works. These may include preventing pedestrian passage, power lines hindering and blocking roads preventing vehicle passing. Such services also help in improving the tree’s appearance, and health. Healthy trees have more market value.

Who is an Arborist?

He/she is a trained professional in the technique and art of planting and maintaining trees. The functionality includes trimming the plant parts to enhance the tree’s appearance. They also include the idea of fertilization to prevent diseases.

Difference between an Arborist and a Tree Surgeon:

  • Arborists are professionally qualified people. Once a person claims himself as such, it is your duty to check any authenticity within the claim. The International Society of Arboriculture holds a certification program in this discipline. The program aims in finding the distinctive quality within the people they teach. Only qualified persons can become a certified arborist.
  • The tree surgeons are those people working on trees. There is no authentic certificate for this job. Thus, these people are differentiated from the arborist You may find several people who possess excellent knowledge about tree’s anatomy. You may guess that these people must have some personalized training.
  • The arboriculture job has now become a lucrative business opportunity. The entry is too easy and basic investment is negligible. Only you need to have professional certification from a recognized authority. Therefore, you need to be cautious about fake representatives.
  • There are concerns who claim themselves as certified arboriculture professional group but often fail to pay the honor. Many of them hire certified arborists too for dignifying the advertisement. They do not care about the proper tree care standard. Make proper research before finalizing your involvement with them.
  • Do not be fooled by the appearance; excellent speaking power does not ensure inherent quality. Ask them to produce their certificates. Make a proper inquiry about the person or the firm the person represents.


Qualities of a Good Arborist:

  • The person will feel akin to the plant senses. He/she must take a passionate note regarding every submissive action that a tree makes.
  • He/she must understand the tree’s importance in our society and environment; a good consensus about this will make him/her more committed to preserving trees.
  • He/she will be acutely professional about the job. Sincerity over the training aspects will convert them to more identified experts in this discipline. The person must have to be serious about having the tools and resources. Possessing the right resources would enable them catering any tree-related task.
  • Like any other profession, the arborist job requires ample people skills. These include listening, the ability to resolute conflicts, and convincing other people about the motives. Besides being good in tree-related matters, these people would require to convince the area people about the need for a particular plantation in an area. Sometimes, the groups, either individually or jointly, face the government representative to convince them about funding for a project. The ability to do these reflects good interpersonal skills.
  • The arboriculture job significant basic skills: these include practice, patients, and the ability to put in immense effort. The perseverance qualities come from experience. An experienced arboriculture professional knows the meaning of cracks at the middle bark. Persons knowing the tiniest details of the branches are the true experts in this field.


Besides everything, try to confirm if the arboriculture team is passionate about looking forward. Their aspiration covers the deficiencies.

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