Boost-Up Your Mind and Combat Academic Stress with These 5 Brain Foods

A student has a lot going in his life, be it a surprise test blowing their mind away or the assignment writing task is too tedious for them to deal with. Irrespective of what a student is facing in his academic life one thing is for sure, stress is accompanied with it, just like an uninvited guest, which in turn takes on a toll on mental well-being.

But, instead of giving up to this situation of life, why not combat it with some good food and boost-up your mind? Well, yes there are some brain foods that are proven to decrease the academic stress that a student experiences and further helps them remain focused and happy throughout. Eager much to know about these foods?

Nuts to Crack the Hard Nuts

Munching on some nuts can help you crack the hard nuts! To simplify it for your understanding, in order to solve the difficult problems that are exam related, assignment-oriented or revolve around any other academic aspect, there is no better way to deal with it than snacking on your favorite nuts. As not only they will set you for a fight-or-flight response, but will also serve other brain health benefits. These benefits range from improved cognition to a sharper memory. Along with this, they will keep your heart strong and make you look at the world as a happy place altogether.

TIP: Avoid certain fattening nuts like cashew. Choose your nut bowl smartly!

Dark Chocolates to Stay Calm

Often you are recommended to have coffee, but a smarter choice to that is, to eat dark chocolate. It will serve the purpose to help you stay awake and finish your assignments! Apart from this, its anti-oxidant properties will keep you pumped-up to meet every academic task that will be allotted to you.

Along with this, studies have shown that flavonoid found in it enables an individual to learn well and retrieve information effectively.

So, next time when you feel stressed-out in the middle of a lecture, just go grab a bar and uplift your mood and memory!

TIP: However, eating chocolate with at least 70% cocoa content will only help you to rejoice these benefits. And don’t forget to mind your portions as it can be fattening too.

Oatmeal to Feel Happy and Healthy

Breaking the myth that carbs can only do harms! Oatmeal being a complex carb doesn’t increase the blood-sugar-level or messes up with your mood. In fact, only this source of carbohydrate digests slowly and also releases the happy hormone in your body i.e., serotonin.

So, next time when assignment related stress hits you, grab a bowl of oatmeal, load it with nuts and fruits, and feel the difference.

TIP: Avoid using instant oatmeal rather, choose white and coarse one to uplift your mood and learning.

Fatty Fish to a Better Mental Health

Well, do you know that almost 60 percent of your brain is made up of fat and half of that fat is omega-3 type! Another thing to know is that fatty fish (that includes salmon, trout, and sardines) are the richest source of this healthy fatty acid!

Therefore, feeding your stomach with fatty fish is equivalent to feed your brain with omega-3. This in turn helps you to sharpen your memory on one end and keep your cortisol and adrenaline hormone in control on the other. Thus, it has been found to reduce the level of stress and anxiety.

So keep those sushi coming fellas! They are likely to make you feel at ease.

TIP: Having it twice a week is the best way to add it in your diet. If you aren’t a seafood person, switch to fish oil capsules instead.

Blueberries to Fight the Blues

These small-sized fruits have some big-shot benefits to offer! Just have a handful of them in your belly and see its anti-oxidant and vitamin-C properties punching out the stress from your body and brain. If you wish to enhance your short-term memory and have a stress free life ahead, let the anthocyanins of blueberry show their magic.

TIP: Having a handful of these berries directly or adding them in your smoothies, will be sufficient for a day’s requirement. However, avoid the dried ones (as they come with preservatives).

Green Vegetables to Keep you Merry

Green vegetables may not top your list of comfort foods but, it surely has many comforts to offer you in your academic and personal life. They not only fit 40% of your total quota but, also promote well-being. Well, there is a long list of greenies available for you. However, the three most recommended are:

  • Spinach: Not only Popeye you too need it to fight all the odds and stay focused.
  • Avocado: They have multiple benefits ranging from lower stress level to decrease in high blood pressure.
  • Asparagus: Easy to fit in everyday meals and helps you to fight depression too.

TIP: Just because they can fill up a big chunk of your daily quota doesn’t mean you just rely on them alone, add other nutrients in your diet too.

Weren’t they just some yummy, healthy, and anti-academic stress foods to add in your diet? So why wait any further?

Let us add them to our diet and enjoy the benefits that they have to offer and remember that:

The belly rules the mind!

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yeti william
Yeti William
Yeti William is currently associated with Instant Assignment Help Australia. Her assignment writing skills have fulfilled the ‘make my assignment help’ dream of many students across the globe. In her leisure time, she likes to cook different healthy meals and experiment with them.


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