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By JOE MAILLET 1,284 views

Style your Room with Accent Chair Seating Alternatives

It would be helpful to have a living room if there was seating. In the space of only a few square feet, a traditional accent chair or sofa is fine. If that is all you want, then don’t go out of your way to make it fancy. There are plenty of additional seating options to choose from, for the living room, like the sofa or couch.

We can assume that our living area should be decorated with a large and comfortable couch or a sturdy accent chair. Then again, there is no specific design advice when it comes to the kind of furnishings you should be used.


It is possible to use bean bags, floor cushions, as well as floor pillows. To transform a dormitory into a Zen-like space, put a large bed and plants in it. You can expand with wood, like I did, or use tires, and cinder blocks, as I did. You should not only look for an accent chair that has limited accommodation.

It is imperative that your alternative seating choice should exceed your accent chair in functionality. That said, it should also be durable to last you a long time.

Given that, we guarantee you the assistance you need through this quick design guide. After going over a number of examples, we at Yorkshire Fabric Shop have compiled a list of some alternative seating options for your living spaces.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Incorporating some Ottomans into Accent Seating

Ottomans are a perfect option for apartments and open-concept homes with several seating areas. Open planning living areas and studio apartment designs, for example, can only have room for one seating area. Ottomans have flexibility in that they can be used to add seating to a shared room.

When paired with an accent chair, you’re guaranteed more comfort. Furthermore, the original purpose of an ottoman was to rest your feet on it, and this might just be how it will always be referred to. It is for this reason that it pairs effectively with an accent chair.

Ottomans come in a variety of sizes, from as large as a sofa too small, square, and petite. In addition to all this, ottomans are a great option as accent seating can be taken out as needed if you’re trying to save room.

This seating style is suitable for entertaining because it is essentially designed with casters or rollers underneath them. When not in use, tuck the seating underneath a table, and the ottoman takes on a new position with your accent chair.

Finally, ottomans made of kid-friendly fabrics like denim or tweed can be used as a flat surface for children to play with or sit on.

More oversized ottomans may be used as a table for board games and socializing with friends without taking up space at the dining table or in the living room. With that, you can place an accent chair beside it and use the ottoman as a side table.

accent chairs

Versatility of Beanbags and Floor Cushions

One of the most appealing features of bean bags is their low cost when compared to most alternatives. Bean bags are often associated with contemporary interior seating. This is due to the fact that they are a cost-effective way to have more seating in a space.

If you can’t afford a couch or armchair but are still in need of extra seats, a bean bag or two can be a great addition to your accent chair and living space. In fact, it has a versatile design that you can still change to various styles of chairs and couches in the future.

Their fuzzy, squishy interiors conform to the shape of whoever occupies them. They are, without a doubt, highly comfortable for lounging and rest.  You can simply sit on your bean bag in a variety of positions.

Sitting up straight, lying on your side, and even when you’re lying on your tummy, you can still find a comfortable place with a beanbag. Alternatively, it would help if you sat cross-legged to support your back.

Moreover, the portability of beanbag chairs is one of their most appealing features. Since they can be shifted around to create various seating arrangements with your accent chair or take advantage of the sun or shade, they are a common choice for outdoor seating.

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