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By JOE MAILLET 4,557 views

ACE Holdings – Financial service group

ACE Holdings is a financial service group that provides financial services to clients in Malaysia.

ACE Holdings has  different branches that cater to customers that come from many sectors, such as:

  • Real Estate branch
  • Electronic branch
  • Food and catering branch
  • Ace Holdings I.T branch
  • Software and Apps Dev branch
  • A branch that deals with anything relating to automobiles
  • A branch that manages properties for clients.
  • A branch that deals with those in the transport industry.
  • A branch that deals with investment banking.
  • A branch that provides leasing services for customers.

Ace Holdings is carving its name in Malaysia and other countries. While they provide other forms of services to their customers, their major service is financial service.

The first Ace Group firm called Ace Holdings Berhad was founded over 29 years ago. It was founded to provide investment services to customers in Malaysia.

29 years later, Ace Holdings has created more than ten branches with diverse portfolios in the country.

The capital of all the ACE companies together is estimated to be around 600 million Malaysian currency.

Financial experts are surprised at all ACE Holdings has managed to successfully operate many branches in different sectors. Their operations include, but are not limited to; Media, banking, I.T, entertainment, real estate, and so on.

ACE Holdings is a trusted firm in Malaysia because they build a long-lasting relationship with their customers. They consider the needs of their customers and provide different services that they need. This is why Ace Holdings is the go-to financial firm for professionals in different sectors.

Furthermore, Ace Holdings employs staff from different fields because they have the potential to excel in the finance sector. The firm uses innovative technology to provide high-quality services to its customers.

Who are those that manage Ace Holdings?

Ace Holdings have reputable shareholders who have successfully worked in the finance industry for many years. These shareholders are actively involved in the effective operations of the firm. Among them are the managing directors, executive directors, Financial Services Outsourcing, and so on. They ensure that Ace Holdings runs smoothly and upholds its reputation in the industry.

ACE Holdings Financial Status

Ace generated revenue of RM 5 million a year ago despite the unfavorable corporate conditions in Malaysia. Financial analysts never expected the firm to generate such an amount because of inflation and market instability in Malaysia.

History of Ace Holdings

After establishing ACE Holdings Berhad 29 years ago, a branch was opened in 2002. The branch was set up to provide leasing services to Malaysian residents.

A year later, Ace Holdings set up another branch in Malaysia. It is a credit banking firm set up to provide credit services to customers. The branch gives out loans, finance projects, and so on to customers. The branch has the license to operate as a credit banking firm in Malaysia. In addition, this branch makes huge profits at the end of the year for ACE Holdings.

The next branch that was established after the credit banking branch is the branch that manages capital. It is called ACE capital management. It also has the license to manage customers’ capital in Malaysia. Additionally, they manage investments on behalf of their clients. They invest in startup firms that have the potential to grow exponentially in the future.

Afterward, ACE Holdings founded a private equity firm. The firm provides capital for startups, just like ACE capital management. However, this branch is different because it buys companies that are into innovations and technology. It funds firms that are in the developmental stages but lack the capital to continue business operations.

The recent branch to be established was founded five years ago. It is an investment banking firm that provides investment services to customers. The branch also has the license to operate in the investment industry. The license makes it possible for Ace Holdings to operate on a national and international level. Furthermore, it makes it easier for the credit banking branch to provide credit without any issues. Moreover, with this license, Ace Holdings can venture into other investment services in the future. In addition, Ace Investment can offer foreign exchange services, give financial consultation and advice to clients, and so on.

Although ACE Holdings have the license to operate in many sectors, they don’t have the right to do deposit banking.

Ace Holdings Berhad

Ace Holdings Berhad is an investment holdings firm. The firm has many branches in Malaysia.

The following services are provided by Ace Holdings Berhad:

  • Gives private equities
  • Manage capital for their customers
  • Leasing services
  • Investment banking services
  • Gives credit to customers in Malaysia

Ace Group

The Ace group is the collective name of all the ACE companies under Ace holdings. The Ace group gives financial assistance and services to customers. They are based in Malaysia. The Ace group provides different forms of services to their customers. The Ace group not only provides financial services, but also raises funds to help upcoming startup firms.

In conclusion, if you have any financial problems you wish to resolve, consult Ace Holdings today for help. They also offer capital to firms that need it.

Joe Maillet

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