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By ALISON.P 2,736 views

How To Add Greenery To Your Home

There are numerous benefits of having greenery all around your home, besides the obvious aesthetical appeal and visual beauty. For starters, plants around your home make your breathing easy as they purify the air. They are also known to reduce stress and provide better health conditions. Moreover, the presence of greenery increases humidity around your home and improves your mood. So, all reasons good enough to start thinking about the ways to incorporate greenery into your home. You can focus on rooms inside your home as well as the yard if you own it. Of course, you do need some knowledge about the different types of plants, advantages, and disadvantages they bring as well as the ideal places for them. Some need more light, some less, some like dry places, while some prefer humid areas. Take a look at some interesting ways to decorate with greenery.

1. Greenery in the Outdoor Space: The Yard

As greenery originally comes from outside, we can easily incorporate it in our porch or patio. Some of the popular options nowadays include a greenery wall on the porch, with different plants or even succulents. Also, hanging plants are pretty huge in terms of modern greenery design and décor, so make sure you hang some plants around the patio. These tiny additions will change the look of your outdoors completely. A green garland or a living wall are also some common outdoor plant displays. And for those with some free land in their yard, there are ways to make it both green and useful by designating an area for hydroponic farming, which will bring some delicious produce to the table. So, two birds with one stone!

2. Greenery in the Indoor Space: The Entrance

And if we move from outdoors to an indoor area, the first part of our home that we come to is the entrance. It is the first thing your guests see when they visit you. You can easily impress them with a few tips and tricks regarding the placement and design of greenery. One of the subtlest and easiest ways to decorate the entryway is by hanging a green wreath on your door. There are many options when it comes to the choice of plants and flowers in a wreath – make sure that it fits with the rest of your entryway design. You can also place greenery in the baskets or shelves that you have in your entryway.

3. Greenery in the Indoor Space: The Living Room

For many people, the living room is the heart of their home – it is the central room where the whole family spends quite a lot of their time relaxing, playing games, and hosting parties. It is also the room with the most available space for distinct green features. To add dimension to the room, you can hang some plants. You can also use them to fill some empty corners around. Also, by placing greenery at different levels, you make your living room seem taller than it is. It’s good to have all these tips in mind when decorating. A basket centerpiece on the coffee table adds a touch of elegance and chic. Bookshelves are ideal for placing all kinds of different scale plants on them to achieve a certain effect.

4. Greenery in the Indoor Space: The Dining Room

The dining room can also be one of the rooms we use for entertaining, and for that reason, we need to liven it up with some luscious greenery. By including a palm leaf or a carefully chosen set of succulents, we can easily transform it into a tropical paradise. You can also combine some rustic elements with green leaves for a more antique touch. The mere presence of plants in the dining room can make any dish taste so much better and fresher. You can also go for cut flowers, which you can place in some amusing glass bottles or vases, for a sleek design. Perhaps you can even include some fresh herbs as decoration at a dinner setting – they will both look and smell nice.

5. Greenery in the Indoor Space: The Bedroom

The bedroom is the room that should breathe comfort and serenity. With only a touch of greenery, you can create a warm and inviting room. You can opt for some cute little succulents or potted plants in some places around the room. What’s popular these days are succulents placed in geometric planters, which you can hang on the walls or place somewhere on the nightstand or a shelf. Moreover, a plant ladder is another popular furniture design that’s suitable for accommodating several potted plants.

Think about the changes you can make in each room as well as outdoors to create a green oasis, which will help you breathe easier, relax and unwind after a long, hard day.


Alison Pearson is an interior design student. She is a writer and designer. Her ultimate passion is designing. She is a bibliophile and her favorite book is “The Sound and the Fury” by William Faulkner.