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kneeling pads
By JOE MAILLET 2,019 views

Why Add Kneeling Pads to your Workout Routine?

Your knees will definitely thank you if you’re using kneeling pads while working out. For those who aren’t, it’s not too late to save your knees!

Amid the pandemic, millions of people around the world have brought the gym to their homes to remain fit while working from their homes. While this is a great idea to burn those extra calories and avoid the “Covid Fifteen” and to maintain a healthy physique without venturing out, you will want to do so while minimizing the risk of injury. At home, you don’t have the advantage of gym safety aids and a personal trainer so it’s wise to take the appropriate precautions. It’s critical to invest in safety gear such as home exercise knee pads to protect your limbs during exercise.

In this article, we will elucidate the benefits of kneeling pads for workouts:

Comprehensive protection

As we all fully realize, your knees are a vital part of your body. They enable you to carry out daily activities such as walking down the stairs, sitting, walking, running, and so on. No wonder why injury to your knees can feel so debilitating. That is why their protection – especially while working out – is of the utmost importance to maintain your quality of life. Moreover, the last thing you’d want during these chilly winter months is to deal with chronic knee pain, right?

A lot of exercises are merciless on the legs and involve a lot of squatting and kneeling. Whether you’re performing ab rolls, knee push-ups, or even yoga, you can take the stress off your knee joints by adding some cushioned support to the mix! They absorb the blows and also ensure that injuries don’t happen due to the overuse of particular muscles. The best part is that you can also use them while performing exercises that put pressure on your elbows and lower back.

Enhanced workouts

Since kneeling pads absorb most of the impact, you will be able to get another set in on even the most grueling #LegDays! More importantly, besides shock absorption, they also help comfort your knees so you feel less pain while working out and this also helps ensure you will not tire out as easily. That is precisely why knee pads for workouts are perfect for high-intensity training routines so be sure to have a knee mat on hand when performing your workout of the day.

Healthier legs

Not using kneeling pads while exercising can cause serious, irreversible damage to your knee joints and muscles in the long run. This can significantly hamper your quality of life and might leave you with no option other than knee surgery or even complete knee replacement. To reduce the wear and tear to your joints, seek durable quality kneeling pads to keep your legs healthy, and pain-free.

Qualities to look for in Kneeling Pads

Be sure to invest in knee pads constructed of Nitrile Rubber (NBR) material. NBR knee workout pads not only provide anti-fatigue and shock absorption properties, they are also quite comfortable and durable. Foam pads are not as comfortable and will also break down quickly. NBR kneeling pads and knee mats will last you for years. In addition, NBR kneeling pads and workout pads prevent odors and prevent the absorption of oils and water.

You will want to be sure the knee mat you select is at least 3/4 inch thick. One-inch pads work out nicely. Also, be sure the width is at least 13-inch to span both of your knees when doing ab rolls or knee pushups. For yoga wide-knee positions, you will want to find a portable mat that can expand to support width of at least twenty inches. One example is the SmithShaper Squat mat which besides being a squat trainer, also can be rolled on its long axis to become a wide-knee pad.

These are just some of the things to consider when deciding upon the right home exercise kneeling pads to use while exercising. Kneeling pads are one of the most effective pieces of gym safety equipment so make sure that you get one for your home now!

Joe Maillet

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