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persian cat

Things to Know Before Adopting a Persian Cat

No doubt Persian cats are one of the most glamorous creatures that people mostly want in their house. These beautiful cats were brought from the Middle East to Europe by the traders. Their unparalleled beauty made them get huge space in the heart of the cat lovers.

However, just because you love Persian cats, it doesn’t mean that you have to bring them home. You should also know that they are very hard to manage. Moreover, prior to bringing them home, you need to know about the kittens in detail so that your dear ones do not face any problems.

These Persian cats have a different temperament. If you are able to take the heart of these cats, you can definitely keep them with you forever. But if you are a first-time buyer, you need to know everything in detail before you adopt them. So, are you thinking about what those are? Then have a look at the following factors which you need to check every time you decide to buy a Persian cat.

Cost of Persian cat:

If you are new, then you should know that Persian cats are expensive. These are not like the other breeds and hence you have to pay a good price to adopt them. However, you can now get in touch with Mummy Cat as they have affordable Persian cat baby price in India.  

If you are ready to pay a good amount on the kitten while buying, you can definitely opt for the Persian cat.

Color of the kitten:

Persian cats are available in a huge range of colors and therefore you can choose as per your choice. However, from the many choices of colors beiges and grays are the most known among the people. If you want a certain color, you need to be very patient.


When you opt for buying a Persian cat, first you need to get in touch with a known and reliable breeder. Since you have to stay in contact with them in case of any problem, it is always a need for choosing the right breeder, as they can be very helpful.

If you are looking for a reputed Persian cat breeder in India, Mummy Cat is the one for you. They offer Persian cat for adoption in Delhi and therefore you can make your choice and bring them home.

CFA Registration:

This is another important aspect that you need to check while buying a Persian cat. Always keep in mind that it is definitely not a Persian cat breed until it has the CFA registration.

This registration showcases that the bloodline of the kitten has been established and determined. This confirms that it is a Persian cat breed. Even when some cats might look like the Persian cats, unless it has the documentation, it is not a safe bet.


There is always a need for brushing the Persian cats on a daily basis. Do you think you will be able to brush the cat regularly? If it has the cotton fur which is a soft type, brushing is crucial as it tends to knot and gets nappy. If you find any fur knots under the legs and arms and around their belly region, do not pull it just cut it off, as their skin is tender.


Generally, Persian cats need bathing every month. In certain cases, there is a need for using a degreaser. Some people also make use of oils and powder for untangling the knots. You can also make use of a color enhancer which tends to brighten their color. However, make sure it does not get in their face or eyes.

Grooming techniques vary a lot which you need to find out. However, it is crucial to opt for monthly bathing to keep the knots untangled and clean coats.

Traditional Vs Flat Faced Persian Cats:

These cats are available in two different types which comprise of traditional and flat-faced. Therefore you initially need to decide which type of Persian Cats you want, Both have different looks and sets of features and therefore you first need to know which type you prefer the most.

Issues with Persian cats:

Flat face Persian cats are one of the most popular types of Persian cats available in the market. However, do you know that they mostly suffer from eye problems and also nasal stiffness due to their face shape? In case, of traditional Persian cats, their most structure enables proper drainage.

Note: Persian cats are the indoor cats that are best as a pet. Keeping them outside is never a great idea, as they prefer a quiet life. Moreover, they will never be able to fight with other breeds as they are not designed to fight and therefore it is always a great choice to keep them indoor.

To conclude, if you are willing to buy a Persia cat, you should definitely have a look at this to get a complete idea about this breed. They are certainly one of the best choices for pet owners. You can now get in touch with Mummy Cat for Persian cat for adoption in Delhi.

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