When you build or repair your home, everything seems to be extremely perfect from the outside. You would have called the best designers, expert architects, good plumbers and electricians, and even excellent painters to decorate your house. But when you miss the important step of waterproofing your house, all these efforts go in vain. Even you know that water has the capacity to damage an entire building from a small crack. So do you know where does waterproofing affects your home the most?

Common Areas at Home That Speak About Improper Waterproofing!

 Sometimes you do carry out the waterproofing process, but it is done improperly. Well, an improper action done here is equal to not doing it at all. That is why ensure that when you think of waterproofing, you are calling Hydroproof for waterproofing in Membrane, NZ. They do proper work in your home and make it super strong and long-lasting. And if you want to know the common areas which speak of the waterproofing errors in the place, keep reading.

  • The areas above the building — Terrace or loft at home show the first signs of water leakage. If the waterproofing on your roof is not done properly, these areas would soon turn into a small lake during the rains. This in turn spoils your interiors as well. So, the minute you spot a puddle of water above your building, go for redoing your waterproofing immediately.
  • The puddled balconies — Are your balconies resembling a small, puddled spot rather than being an extended area to your room? Then understand that there is quite a lot of water coming from above that is getting settled over here. And if you aren’t taking the proper steps immediately, soon this water would pass even to the lowest area of your home causing grave damage there as well.
  • The wet windows — The windows getting drenched in water is something suspicious. And especially, if you have wooden window panes, then the issue is really serious. These would immediately get spoilt because of the extreme water exposure. So, the moment you see a long trail coming from above and impacting your windows, ask for a waterproofing company to come and look over the matter.
  • The exterior spots — Patches, spots, or a long trail of water coming from above on your exterior walls is precisely an issue in your building’s waterproofing. Remember to tackle it at the earliest if you don’t want your curb appeal to get impacted because of it.
  • The sagging ceiling — If you have a plastered ceiling in your home, you’ll soon see it sagging down due to water exposure. Even the spots of water on it can be clearly seen. Quickly call a waterproofing company to look into this matter. Ignoring this issue can lead to even a collapse of the ceiling from above — and the dangers of this can be way beyond just the ceiling.

Whenever there is a waterproofing problem in your home, you’ll see that these areas are affected first and foremost. Remember to call for help immediately and ensure to make your home safest and secure. 

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