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By RON WOLF 2,888 views

Affordable Luxury Renovations for 2022

Luxury renovation is something without which homes, apartments and penthouses will be just large concrete boxes without individuality and gloss. It gives something that a simple renovation cannot give – a special atmosphere, cosiness and a sense of prestige. An apartment with an elite renovation will delight everyone who steps over its doorstep.

What are the Features of a Luxury Apartment Renovation?

Elite apartment renovation reflects the lifestyle of the owner and infuses the space with subtle style. In addition to the exclusive design, premium renovations include:

-large-scale redevelopment;

-installation of complex ventilation, heating, lighting systems;

-perfect sound insulation;

-high-quality materials, plumbing, furniture, decor;

-the work of the best specialists.

Repairs are carried out on a turnkey basis so as not to burden a busy client. A team of highly specialised craftsmen (tilers, electricians, plumbers) work together under the designer’s supervision, creating real interior wonders. Professionals transform not only standard rooms (bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms) but also libraries, offices, billiard rooms, home gyms and cinemas. The tasks of the customer include only step-by-step acceptance of the work performed. 

Luxury  Renovation: Design

The development of a design project is the first thing that begins with preparing for an apartment renovation. After measuring the premises and communicating with the client, the designers create sets of drawings, in which every detail is taken into account. The sketches reflect the peculiarities of the layout, furniture arrangement, lighting, the location of sockets, etc. 3D visualisations are also being developed – images that allow you to understand exactly what the rooms will be like after renovation. They are very realistic, almost indistinguishable from the photo. Professional and proven luxury home builders from Gold Coast offer clients several options to choose from, talk about different styles and help make the right decision.

For elite apartment renovation, interior styles such as loft, Provence, hi-tech, Scandinavian style, classic, minimalism, modern are often used. A combination of various directions within one apartment is also possible.

Designers zone the space using false partitions, open shelves, sofas, racks, differences in ceiling or floor levels, the use of finishing materials of different types or colours. A lot of attention is paid to abundant lighting, usually, numerous diverse light sources are involved. Penthouses and some apartments have panoramic windows.

Finishing Materials

Luxury finishing materials are, first of all, the highest quality. They have been preserved in their original form for tens, and sometimes hundreds, of years. These include valuable wood species, natural stone, Venetian plaster, parquet, mosaic. Another category is the latest modern materials: 3D panels, luminescent paint, etc. Specialists will help you to choose materials, draw up a detailed estimate and organise the purchase.

Luxury Furniture

Modern design provides maximum free space. There should not be too much furniture, but all of it must be of high quality, corresponding to the style. In a classic interior, furniture can be with panelled facades, decorated with glass inserts, patina, details made of aged metal (bronze, copper). In the high-tech style, glossy and metallic surfaces are appropriate. In minimalism, laconic forms are important, in a loft – an industrial component, and in modern – elegance and “fluidity”. In order not to overload the interior, designers use special methods of furniture arrangement and hidden storage systems.

Change Up Your Flooring

There is nothing that will make your home look sleek and luxurious other than adding new, fresh floors to it. You can choose hardwood floors or you can take the more modern route and go for stone or concrete floors. On top of that, the thing that will take your house to a whole other level is adding heated floors. It is the sweetest touch of luxury one can add on top of freshly installed floors.

Trends in 2022:

Emphasis on Lines

There are fewer right angles, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to throw out the traditional wardrobe. It is necessary to competently combine style with rounded lines and objects with a new design.

Bright, Juicy, Bold

In 2022, the focus is on colour. These will also be shades from the 70s: emerald, azure blue, lemon, purple.

Why such a sharp turn from neutral interiors? The thing is that there is a need to create an individual design, and it involves parting with a neutral-colourless interior.

Interesting Texture

In addition to bright colours, a fashionable texture should also be introduced into the interior design. Next year, three-dimensional prints, panoramas and carved wood will appear in the decoration of apartments.

At the same time, the background remains smooth – so all luxurious details become even more interesting.

Travertine Melodies in the Interior

Travertine has been undeservedly forgotten in recent years. Meanwhile, it looks great in almost any interior style. Universal travertine is making a comeback as a trend. Moreover, it has a wide range of colours and is able to take any shape during processing.


Our life is constantly changing, including the interior of houses and apartments. Many design trends have emerged now, and it is a great time to start renovations. Make sure to find good professionals, follow trends, and also your heart. And don’t forget that luxurious doesn’t always mean too expensive. 

Ron Wolf

Ron Wolf is a hobby designer and a DIY enthusiast, and, above all, a very blessed father of two. Besides that, he has a strong passion for writing. If he is not working he enjoys being outside with his family. Hiking, bike riding, and BBQing are always a thing for him. In the evening, he likes to watch documentaries or build something with kids in their lego corner.