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Scrum dynamic framework
By JOE MAILLET 2,623 views

Do we need Agile Scaling Frameworks?

Active is a modern term that has gained popularity, especially in software development. Projects are the most popular in the Scrum Eagle framework, however, new overtime The framework began to emerge with a sense of urgency. Some popular scaling Frameworks include SAFe, LeSS and Nexus. Learn how they are different. Scrum and which software development projects can bring the best results.

Agile supports software development projects  

Although the concept of agile product delivery originated in the manufacturing industry, (This was first used by Toyota.) Today in other fields: marketing, sales, and IT companies in particular benefit from this. The idea behind Agile is to provide working parts. In order to respond flexibly to products and changing conditions. The product was constantly improved.  

Limited documentation, a manager, a self-organizing team with no special role assigned – it all seems like a recipe for project failure, yet … a recipe for success in IT Is! The agile approach stimulates creativity, enhances a sense of responsibility for the developed application. Furthermore, the fact that the experts are constantly communicating increases the confidence in the team, and at the same time – the quality of the solutions they develop.

Agile – what are the rules of the game? 

Programming and team sports have a lot in common – both in IT and games, team spirit Transactions. It appears to be the most popular animated framework. “Scrum”. Derived from the name of rugby formation. Like team games, project work requires the best sets. Methods and rules. This means a development team that works within a given framework. Follow some guidelines and respect its principles.

What is Scrum?  

Scrum is a dynamic framework for project development. Its principles are explained. “Scrum Guide”, available in 30 languages. In Scrum, the development team Provides repetitive parts of the product. The team decides during dedicated meetings which one Work to be done, and a Scrum Master oversees the rules and asks facilitator questions. To prioritize tasks. The owner of a product, in turn, makes sure that the solution complies. Business details. Scrum teams are usually small so the framework works well. Smaller project teams have a maximum number of members ranging from 3 to a maximum of 9.  

Kanban – an alternative to Scrum? 

Many companies that carry out software development projects wonder if the family can be one. Scrum replacement. Kanban is an active style that uses the concept of workflow, Aim for continuous process improvement. This approach works well for low-income projects Complexity, where you want to minimize ongoing work and identify blockers. By achieving your goals. Many of today’s projects are very complex and often involve many. Development teams In such cases, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the framework. Which makes it easier to manage large projects, where scrubs or condoms may not be enough.

What are Agile scaling frameworks?   

As mentioned above, it often happens that the IT team decides to use the agile method but the project is so big and complex and it involves so many teams that ongoing communication is no longer possible. The more people in the project, the more dependent. Agile scaling frameworks like SaFe, LeSS, Nexus are the answer to such challenges.

    • SAFe stands for Scaled Agile Framework. It will work well for complex projects or programs that may take many, many years to develop.
    • LeSS stands for Large Scale Scrum – This is often used in projects in which several small teams use a product backlog.
    • Nexus means “link or connection”. The goal of this dynamic framework is to reduce interdependence between multiple teams and, therefore, an “integration team” is introduced.

Do we really need Agile Scaling Frameworks? 

The above frameworks have not been created to reject the principles of Agile methodologies included in the “Agile Manifesto for Software Development.” They have specific “rules”. Games, including meetings to facilitate additional responsibilities and collaboration Work sync. Today the question is not “should be active”, but “which one.” The agile framework will work best for our project. There are many decisive factors. Matters such as complexity, number of people and teams, development plans The project and above all – the openness of the IT professionals in a given task The framework, after all, is about Agile people, whether they be developers, clients Assign tasks or users who enjoy a standard application. 


Today, there is a wide range of options in software development projects. Companies don’t just have to choose between agile and traditional methods. The agile approach itself offers many possibilities in terms of project requirements, complexity, and shape. Due to the repetitive nature of a vibrant team, they can be more flexible to accommodate changing customer demands. Especially if your business is in a competitive market, accelerating change is key to staying ahead.

Joe Maillet

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