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Air Conditioning Service
By JOE MAILLET 744 views

5 Rules to save Money on Air Conditioning this Summer

During summers, using your air-conditioner continuously means that you will end up paying a hefty electricity bill – however, if you look at other alternatives, it isn’t that great either. So what can you do about it?

To answer this question and help you in avoiding this problem, we have compiled for you 5 ways to save money on your AC system this summer:

Tips to save money on your AC during summer

  1. Prevent Leakage: If your home is one that has been newly built, then you don’t have much to worry about, however, if you have been living in your home for a while, there are chances that cool air is leaking out of your home through worn-out windows, doors, attics, etc. One of the best ways to figure out if that is the case is to perform an energy audit, wherein a local contractor can help in checking your house for any sort of leaks, etc. Even if you don’t want to hire someone who could do this for you and provide you air conditioning services, what you can do is stand outside your home and turn on the AC, walk around the periphery of your home trying to feel if there is any cool air slipping through the edges of your doors or windows. If leaking cool air is one of the scenarios that you’re dealing with, getting a professional to caulk, and insulate is the best way to deal with the problem.
  2. Upgrade Your System: How long has it been since you updated your thermostat? If it has been a while then maybe it is time that you got yourself a smart thermostat, which can offer you the air conditioning services of regulating the heating and cooling of your home especially when you are not around. The newer technology today even allows you to regulate the temperature of your home via an app on your phone, and there are some which even work with the latest offerings of Alexa, Google home, etc.
  3. Ensuring that the Thermostat is Positioned Correctly: Most of us do not realize it, however, the placement of your thermostat can play an important role in figuring out how well your AC system is really working, and if it is time to get some air-conditioning maintenance done. For example, if you have a thermostat that is placed on a wall that gets extra sunlight, then you will notice that your air-conditioner is kicking quite often because it is under the impression that your room is much hotter than it actually is.
  4. Use Your Fan: This is a point that we cannot emphasize enough upon since there is an ever pervading myth that you should not be running in your fans with your AC, as it will not be able to cool your room properly. This is problematic! The fact of the matter is that when you talk about running an air-conditioner, use your fans as it would help the cool air to circulate. If you are not running a fan, your air conditioner will have to work much harder in giving you a cool room and you will notice that the need for air conditioning maintenance has increased significantly. If you keep your ceiling fan running, you can help your air-conditioner in cooling the room by almost 10 and also reduce the energy usage of your air-conditioner by almost 10%.
  5. Raise Your Temperature: Another mistake that we frequently make is setting the temperature of our AC unit, either to the minimum or leaving it at the same temperature as we would at night, thinking that this will end up saving us some money, as the AC unit will not have to work hard all over again to cool down the house. This is actually an honest mistake, and the fact of the matter is that you should always set your thermostat to a higher temperature. Even when you’re at home, put it on the highest temperature that you are comfortable with as it will help in reducing your electricity bills by almost 10%. If you think about it, it amounts to a significant amount of money when you talk about your summer electricity bill.

So there you have it, here are our top picks on 5 ways to save money on your AC system. If you can follow these instructions carefully and avoid making the same mistakes, you will be able to save a considerable amount on your electricity bills as well as other services that you might need during the course of the summer. Another thing to keep in mind is obviously to get your air conditioning maintenance done right before the summer starts so that your unit is functioning in the most optimum fashion and not using unnecessary energy which ends up adding to your electricity bill in the long run.

Joe Maillet

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