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air duct cleaning and sanitizing
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Difference between Air Duct Cleaning and Sanitizing

While Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning system is a dire necessity, its cleanliness is equally important to maintain a healthy and safe environment. However, there are two approaches for cleaning systems: air duct cleaning and sanitizing. People usually consider these two terms as same but in actual, there is a minor difference. 

Differences: Ductwork Cleaning and Sanitizing 

Ductwork Scrubbing of the heating and cooling system is intended to brush away any fragments blocking the air vents. This helps clean any mould or dust particles that may cause various breathing issues or allergies in humans. A detailed cleaning process helps in the smooth running of  HVAC system and keeps everyone safe. 

 The sanitizing method is aimed at killing a specific type of bacteria that might be surviving in the heating and cooling system. This helps eliminate any contaminants or bad odors that might hinder the smooth air supply. 

Similarities: Air Duct Vacuuming and Sanitizing 

Both the air conduit scrubbing and sanitizing methods are framed to clear the heating and cooling system air vessels of all harmful particles that may interrupt the air source. For air pipe washing, professionals make use of traditional cleaning approaches such as strong vacuum cleaning, pressure tubes, and cleaning apparatuses. 

Air Tube Sanitizing is also accomplished through similar procedures but some additional microbial treatments are used to eliminate the air tubes of any kind of deadly bacteria, germs, mould or microorganisms. This process not only makes ducts germ-free but also spreads a pleasant scent in the room. 

Why Is It Important to Sanitize the Air Seaways?

When HVAC systems work various harmful particles tend to accumulate in its air waterways. And if the air outlets are not professionally cleaned for a long-time span, then bacteria or mould are likely to build up within the system. This makes the air emitted from the HVAC structure polluted, thus adversely impacting people’s health. To remain safe from this, a professional sanitization and deodorization treatment are required.  

The Usefulness of Air Tube Sanitization Procedure 

The air canal sanitization procedure not only sterilizes the air vessels but also keeps the canals clean for a prolonged time period. The sanitization and deodorization process form closure in the channel that foils all kinds of mould issues. 

To keep your surrounding air bacteria-free and disinfected, it is highly essential to focus on the air channel and cleanliness treatments. This will ensure that you and your family breathe in pure air and remain safe from any health issues like breathing difficulties, allergies, or transmittable diseases like COVID-19. 

How Are Air Waterways Sanitized and Disinfected? 

The majority of ductwork cleaning companies makes use of the sporicidal fogging technique to disinfect air channels. This type of sanitizer transforms aerosolized into minute droplets, completely covering every surface of the air canal. Then to sanitize and disinfect air channels, professionals make use of an EPA-approved antiseptic solution called Sporicidin. 

Sporicidin is a scent-free and low-toxic solution that is preferably used in medical centers, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. Hence, it is also an effective treatment against transmittable viruses like COVID-19. 

Is it Important to Sanitize Air Canals after the Cleaning Process? 

For proper functioning of air tube cleaning, it is important to clean it regularly so that any dirt, filth, or impurities are effectively removed. After the ducts are cleaned, it might not be necessary to sanitize them. Sanitizing or disinfecting air vessels should be done in special situations like when a bad odour is smelled. 

When Is It Important to Sanitize or Disinfect Heating and Cooling Air Tubes? 

Sanitizing and Disinfecting Air Tubes is required if:

  • Anyone exposed to the system has health issues such as respiratory issues, allergies or other transmittable diseases through airborne particles. 
  • There are pets in the house or building 
  • You sense an unpleasant odour emerging from the heating and cooling system
  • There is any leakages or damages detected in the air canal system
  • Bacteria, mould, virus particles or fungi is suspected in the air tubes

How Frequent Should the Air Vessels Be Sanitized or Disinfected? 

After regularly cleaning your air conduit system, you may get it occasionally sanitized or disinfected. You must know how long will these effects last.  air channel disinfection services are likely to last till a 6 months’ period. 

On the contrary, if there is any change in circumstances such as the spread of a contagious disease in the family members, then you may consider calling for the disinfection service again (even before 6 months). Likewise, in the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, it is not only essential to keep your air vessels clean but also get your air channels professionally sanitized as a precautionary measure. 

Is Air Canal Sanitization and Disinfection Harmless for Humans? 

It is highly important that we know what is required in the ductwork and if it is applied accurately. Experts are aware of the effective techniques that are required to overcome the disinfected air in the ductwork without compromising on the safety. When it comes to knowing what kind of liquid is used for this purpose then you need to know that a disinfectant Sporicidin has proved to be one of the most effective in such conditions. 

How to Order Sporicidal Fogging and Disinfecting for Air Channels

If you are looking for the Order Sporicidal Fogging for sanitizing the air in your air ducts then don’t waste a moment and call a duct spring-cleaning expert that is certified, licensed and insured. As there is no one better who could overcome the issue of duct dusting as effectively as they can. s

Benefits of getting ductwork cleaned regularly by experts

  • It helps to get rid of dust, debris, mold, and other pollutants that might be a reason for health issues. 
  • Helps to improve the efficiency of the system
  • You and your family can breathe in fresh air keeping you healthy and safe inside your house. 

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