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Heating and Cooling Technician
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Cost breakup for Air Duct Repair and Replacement

If you plan to get the innovative Heating Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC) installed in your premises, you must know that the installation of air ducts and vents are a major part. A few factors to consider for this installation are residential price per sq. ft., commercial cost per sq. ft., repair charges, replacement cost, scuttle space, loft, mobile home, professional air duct repair and cleaning, vent installation, and maintenance. According to an estimate, national HVAC air duct repair and replacement costs $1135, fluctuating between a typical range of $465 and $1930, but the exact cost is based on the actual project cost. 

Ductwork Installation Cost 

When new ductwork is installed in a building, its cost ranges between $10 to $20 per linear foot. The cost breakdown is the $1-$10/ linear foot for material and $5-$10/linear foot for setting up. 

Sq. ft. 

Linear Ft.

Ductwork Price ($)

1000 – 2500 sq. ft. 

150 ft. 

1500 – 3000

2000 -2500 sq. ft.

250 ft. 

2500 – 5000

3000 – 4500 sq. ft.

350 ft. 

3500 – 7000

The price paid depends on the material you chose for installation; for instance, polyester costs $1-4/ line ft., whereas aluminum costs $2-$5/ line ft. and galvanized steep for $3-$10/ linear ft. 

In actual, calculating an estimate of the linear ft. mainly depends on an individual’s home’s footprint rather than the total sq. footage. For example, a 3000 sq. feet single-story apartment may require less ductwork compared to the same apartment with a double or triple story. 

Commercial Ductwork Cost Per Sq. Ft. 

Setting up commercial ductwork charges range from $25 to $42/ lined ft. which is much higher than residential installation as different material is used. 

Sq. Ft.

Linear Ft.

Ductwork Price ($)

2500 – 3500 sq. ft.


7,500 – 12,700

3500 – 4500 sq. ft.


10,000 – 17000

4500 – 5500 sq. ft.


12,500 – 21,000

The entire range encompasses the following apparatuses:

  • Dual Wall Coiled Air Channel cost ranges from $10 – $16/ linear ft. 
  • Quadrilateral Sheet Metallic Air Vessel cost ranges from $12-$18/ lined ft. 
  • The fixtures cost ranges from $5 to $9/ lined ft. 
  • Air Pipe Commercial Installation Labour costs up to $10 – $15/ lined ft. 

A few commercial buildings use the same material as in used residential properties. 

Cost of Replacing HVAC Ductwork 

The replacement of air channel cost ranges from $12 – $25/ rectilinear ft., which covers the cost of eliminating present material and fitting a new one. And if the task of cutting the floor or ceiling is also included, then you may have to pay an additional $550 – $1750.   

Old ductwork requires consideration, and if maintained properly and cleaned regularly they can provide service for up to 25 years. 

Price to Replace Air Canal in Scuttle Space 

If you wish to get the air canal replaced in a scuttle space then you may have to pay $12-$15 per line ft., presuming that the area needs no other repair or upgrade. Otherwise, you may have to pay for additional services also such as cleaning (up to $6000), setting up an encapsulation system (up to $5500), air pipe replacement in a loft ($500-$2000) and loft insulation ($1700-$2100). 

Uncovered Air Canal Replacement Costs 

The charge to replace an air canal depends mainly on the extent you want to cover it. The majority of homeowners prefer to leave it uncovered as a design element in safe areas such as the basement. This decision is made to save the expenditure of repairing drywall. 

Air Pipe Replacement in Portable Home

Air pipe replacement in an industrial home depends on its scope and condition of the scuttle space. Portable homes usually require additional line ft. of material as they have one shaft for each unit. 

Extra Air Ductwork Replacement Cost Concerns 

The basic air channel replacement cost of $12 – $25/ linear ft. is exclusive of any further support required after its installation. If the ductwork is being set up in your present home, then you may need to avail some additional services which include drop ceiling installation ($1700), wall repairing ($550), and drywall installation ($1750). 

HVAC Ductwork Installation Price 

The price of installing a new air channel depends on the size of your home, and you may have to pay something between $1500- $7000. If you wish to get central air or heating system installed along, then you may have to pay extra. Incorporating air canals and air vents are just one element of HVAC upgrading. 

Cost of Setting Up Central Air Conditioning

The price to set up central air conditioning in building usually range from $3750 to $7300 which may also include the cost of the unit ($2000 – $5000). 

Price of Upgrading to Forced Heating System

If you wish to install or replace an incinerator, it may cost an average of $4500 for each unit. On the contrary, if you want a 2-in-1 system (heating and cooling) the setup cost may range from $4000 – $7200. Homes that have air pipes and air vents installed can be easily upgraded to forced heat systems. This revolutionary system is much efficient than old technologies. 

Price of Repairing Air Canals 

The cost of repair of HVAC air canals usually range from $200-$700 but you may have to spend extra for supplementary tasks such as repair of other HVAC system parts. 

Cost of HVAC Duct Sealing

HVAC ductwork sealing price may range from $250-$2000 and is mainly determined by the size and condition of the premises of the system. If extra work like detecting leakage and sealing the holes is involved then you may have to pay extra. 

Airduct Armor Cost

The price of heating and cooling air channel armor ranges from $2000-$10,000, which is essential for cleaning, sealing, and restoration of the heating and cooling system. 

Price of incorporating Air Vent to Existing Air Canals

The cost of incorporating air vent into an existing air channel is usually $250-$1000 but mainly depends on your material requirement and ease of the procedure. 

HVAC Air Pipe Maintenance

The average cost of the regular HVAC air pipe and the air vent is $375, and the majority of homeowners may require this service every two to five years. And if you choose to replace your air filters every season, then your HVAC durability may increase. 

So, it’s highly recommended to hire a professional Heating and cooling air channel repair and replacement service.  


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