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8 Reasons Why You Should Have A Dishwasher

Kitchen life has become easier and hygienic, thanks to various appliances that are changing the game. From water purifiers, electric kettles, juicers, and fridges to dishwashers, there are so many kitchen appliances that are helping to save time and avoid frustration. Dishwasher especially has become a lazy person’s dream, a solution to busy family help and a great help to an avid cook. You really don’t have to lift a finger and you suddenly have clean dishes again! Dishwashers are indeed a blessing the technological world gave us. 

Washing plates with hands and soap-water solutions have been the norm over the centuries. However it is tiring, time-consuming, and extensive dipping of hands in soap and water is not good for the skin.  That is why dishwashers have come in handy to handle all the dish problems and make them clean, germs-free, and shiny!

Although dishwashers have been around for ages, they were once luxury items with less efficiency. However, dishwashers have become a must-have for homeowners. And today’s dishwashers are packed with awesome features and functionality that can take your dishwashing game to a higher level. Your best bet for successful crockery cleanliness and kitchen hygiene. Albert Fouerti, former Chief Executive Officer of Appliances Connection and recently President of Goedeker shares some great reasons why dishwashers should be at the top of your kitchen appliances lists. 

Effectively Remove Debris and Germs

Not only are dishwashers great at removing greasy and oily stained utensils, it also kills germs and bacteria. What destroys the germs is the incredibly hot water and the high temperature used on the dishwasher to sanitize the cycle to get rid of bacteria. For proper sanitizing, the water requires nothing below 100°F. This can be too hot while using the hands but today’s dishwasher will likely get to 130°F. Hence, the utensils are deep cleaned with 99.999 percent of bacteria gone. 

Saves Time 

Another perk of the dishwasher is that it is a time-saver. It can cut down significantly the time it takes to wash dishes. If you are an average family eating two to three meals per day, the whole process of washing dishes by hand will likely take a whopping 60 minutes. While you only need a few minutes to drop in the dirty utensils or cookware, run a washing cycle, and then go about the more important things of the day without worry. A few minutes later, you have clean, bacteria utensils. 

Saves Water and Energy

Albert Fouerti

Today’s models are energy efficient as they have settings where energy consumption can be controlled. Ensure you go for a 5-star rate energy-efficient dishwasher to help cut down on electricity bills. Moreover, it is a common misconception that hand washing reduces the amount of water used more than a dishwasher. This is quite the opposite as dishwashers have proven that using less water can save up to 70,000 gallons of water in a year. All these energy savings can have a huge impact on your pocket. 

It’s Easy to Use

The dishwasher is easy to use and it doesn’t require much to get the dishes cleaned. Simply load the dishes in the dishwasher and select the right cycle. Let it run a full cycle and voila, you got a well-cleaned dish. Far better than standing for hours in the sink trying to get the dishes washed. 

It’s Gentle with the Crockery

It’s absolutely fine to clean delicate wine glasses or dishware in the dishwasher so far it is put in the right settings. Moreover, you might end up with a lot of shattered glasses or dinnerware when you wash with soapy hands. Washing with a dishwasher protects your well-loved wine glasses from breaking and it ensures safety. 

It Saves Space

Albert Fouerti

Dishwashers are an excellent choice for washing dishes in a cramped kitchen. There are slimline ones that can be perfectly squeezed into a tight space. You do not have to worry about dishes piling up in the sink and causing annoying odors and germs. All you need to do is to pile them in the dishwasher to get the cleaning done. 

There are various options to choose from

Today’s dishwashers come in different sizes, designs, and functionality and there is always something for every budget or kitchen design. Whether you are looking for a free-standing built-in dishwasher or a full-size model, there is always something for you. Whether you need a space-saving dishwasher for your small kitchen or a full-size one that will match your kitchen decor, the market is flooded with different types that you can choose from. 

Offer Comfort and Convenience 

Dishware offers an unmatched level of comfort and convenience. The last thing anyone wants is to come home to dirty dishes after a long day. Plus, the” who is next to wash the dishes” argument is over! Dishwashing is accomplished more efficiently and without struggles. House chores are made easier. Life is more enjoyable. 

What’s your take? 

Some find washing plates with hands relaxing, and enjoyable and they are already used to it. While some will prefer the magic hands of the dishwasher to carry out the cleaning efficiently while they get to focus on other tasks in the kitchen. As life gets busier, dishwashers have become a lifesaver in meeting the challenges of dish hygiene. These reasons given by Albert Fouerti demonstrate the significance of dishwashers in every kitchen.

Albert Fouerti

Albert Fouerti is Chief Executive Officer at Appliances Connection and 1StopCamera. Albert Fouerti operates 1 Stop Camera & Electronics, which maintains a Brooklyn storefront and website at 1StopCamera.com.