Within thirty Seconds of your very first sip of alcohol, it moves directly into your mind and slows down the compounds and the messages that your brain sends to your body. It begins altering your disposition, slows your reflexes down, and throws you off balance. As the best Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, India we in TRUCARE TRUST can vouch for the fact that alcohol dependence takes a severe toll on your health because it affects nearly all the parts of our entire body quite adversely. Whether it’s our brain, lungs, liver, liver, heart there is not a single body component that remains unaffected because of alcohol addiction.

India over the years TRUCARE TRUST has helped thousands of individuals recover and rehabilitate from their alcohol addiction. Alcohol dependence impacts your brain’s communication system and affects the way your brain works, functions making it tougher for it to think clearly and co-ordinate your moves. It also results in blurred vision, slurred speech, impaired memory, and blackouts, hallucinations, acute behavioral changes.

As the most Prominent drug rehabilitation Centre in India TRUCARE TRUST is fully aware that contrary to popular belief, alcohol dependence is prevalent amongst both women and men. Your body’s response to alcohol depends on a lot of factors like your age, gender, overall health, how much you drink, how often you drink as well as the length for which you have been drinking. Normally men are thought to be heavy or chronic drinkers if they take more than 4 drinks every day or 14 a week, while for girls it is more than 3 drinks every day or 7 per week. In reality, the reality is that girls are more vulnerable than men to a number of the medical consequences of alcohol dependence.

As one of those Most Prominent Alcohol rehab treatment centre in Mumbai, India we in TRUCARE TRUST have discovered that alcohol addiction not only negatively impacts your health, but it also has long term effects on your other regions of life since it leads to relationship issues with family members and friends, poor performance at work or studies, financial troubles, legal difficulties.

While choosing to stop alcoholism its best advised to do safely under the watchful eyes of professionally trained specialists like TRUCARE TRUST, among the most revered De-Addiction Remedy Centre in Mumbai. It’s found on top of the picturesque Your Hills in Thane. Our additional Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, India are at Pune and Gurgaon.

TRUCARE TRUST is Reputed to consistently offer you the highest level of de-addiction treatment through its customized recovery programs, unique amenities, remedies, therapies, and activities at the cheapest prices. Our highly qualified and vastly experienced team of doctors, consultants, counselors, and professional medical support staff provide a very conducive environment that’s supportive, address your concerns in full confidence and then guide you through the next steps in your medication de-addiction remedies and rehab program. The whole period of our unique programs varies according to the wants and seriousness of the addicts’ condition. The purpose of our alcohol rehab centre in Mumbai, India will be to assist you to conquer your addiction and its underlying mental health difficulties, leading to a sustainable recovery.

As the Ideal de-addiction Thus, whatever your alcohol or substance abuse-related health issues Are, just speak to us in TRUCARE TRUST- the best Medication Rest assured that you’ll be on your path to recovery safely.

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