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Alex cooper boyfriend
By LARREN SMITH 1,735 views

All You Need to Know About Matt Kaplan: Alex Cooper Boyfriend

Get ready to meet the man behind the mystery moniker of “Sexy Mr. Zoom Man.” Matt Kaplan is the Hollywood producer who swept off his feet Alexandra Cooper, the host of one of the most popular podcasts, “Call Her Daddy.” The couple has done a remarkable job of keeping their relationship under wraps, never publicly photographed together and referred to only by code names on the show.

However, we exclusively bring you all you need to know about Alex Cooper boyfriend, including how the surprising engagement announcement happened, and what else there is to know about the man by her side.

Alex Cooper Finds Love on Zoom with “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man”

In August of 2020, Alex Cooper, the host of ‘Call Her Daddy, shared details of her first date with her then-boyfriend. Nicknamed “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man”, they had met on the video conferencing site Zoom a week prior and decided to go out to dinner for their first date.

Despite being nervous at first, Alex and Mr. Sexy Zoom Man felt an instant connection with one another as they discussed shared interests over dinner. After some jokes about getting married were exchanged by Alex (only in jest), it was not until 6 months later that she revealed their relationship by dedicating an episode of her podcast to officially announcing them as a couple.

In celebration of this big step forward, when Mr. Sexy Zoom Man arrived from London at the airport afterward, Alex greeted him with a sign saying “Mr Kaplan a.k.a my boyfriend” – marking the start of something special between them.

Since then their relationship has gone from strength to strength; she has announced milestones such as meeting his parents and eventually proposing marriage – and still refers affectionately to him as ‘Mr Sexy Zoom Man’ despite this change in title!

The romantic journey between these two serves as proof that genuine love can be found even through virtual connections such as video calling apps like Zoom!

Alex Cooper Boyfriend – Matt Kaplan

Alex Cooper has decided to take the next big step in her life and get married to her fiancé, Matt Kaplan. The couple met virtually over Zoom in 2020 and got engaged three years later in March 2023.

Cooper had always been apprehensive about getting married, but eventually felt it was the perfect time when she realized her relationship with Kaplan was progressing just as it should. It was during a date night in November 2022 when Cooper gave the go-ahead to Kaplan and he quickly put his engagement plan in motion.

Alex Cooper Boyfriend

Cooper, who has always been open about sharing her experiences in dating and sex, was initially very secretive about her relationship with Kaplan. She had referred to him as “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man” to keep his identity secret. However, after intense speculation from fans, she finally confirmed in April 2023 that Kaplan was her mystery, Zoom Man.

Kaplan was initially hesitant about being thrust into the limelight. But ultimately, he was ready to be fully embraced by the “Daddy Gang,” as the fans of Cooper’s podcast are called. Fortunately for Cooper, Kaplan trusted her enough to share his life with her and the world.

As Cooper and Kaplan prepare to start this new chapter in their lives, their fans and listeners of “Call Her Daddy” remain supportive of the couple and excited to see what the future holds for them.

The Career of Alex Cooper’s Boyfriend Matt Kaplan

Alex Cooper boyfriend, Matt Kaplan, is a man of many talents. Kaplan attended Columbia University and was a star quarterback for the Columbia Lions football team. From a young age, Kaplan had a passion for both football and film. At college, he pursued this interest further by taking writing and directing classes.

Kaplan is a successful Hollywood producer, currently serving as the CEO of Ace Entertainment and president of Awesomeness Films. Although he never saw himself as a particularly talented writer or director, Kaplan found his true skills lie in analyzing and assessing material.

Matt Kaplan

This made him the perfect candidate for executive-level positions at Lionsgate Studios, where he got the opportunity to work on the Hunger Games franchise.  Taking a chance with Blumhouse Productions then paid off when Kaplan produced To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – setting off its sequels and spin-off series XO, Kitty.

With his wealth of knowledge of all aspects of production from casting to design, Kaplan understands that rejection can be part of daily life in entertainment but encourages everyone who has an interest to hold out hope for success. Alex Cooper boyfriend doesn’t let rejection defeat him, and his perseverance has led him to great success in his production career.

Relationship History of Alex Cooper’s Boyfriend Matt Kaplan

Alex Cooper’sboyfriend, Matt Kaplan, has had some renowned relationships in the past. Previously, the Hollywood producer married Australian actress Claire Holt on April 28th, 2016; Holt is known for her role in The Originals (a spinoff of The Vampire Diaries).

Unfortunately, due to “irreconcilable differences”, they divorced some time afterward. In addition to his relationship with Claire Holt, Matt Kaplan had an extended relationship with Ashley Olsen while at Columbia University. This three-year-long affair lasted until 2004 when distance forced them apart; no third party was present according to a spokesman for Olsen.

Alex Cooper’s Private Relationship with Matt Kaplan

Alex Cooper is known for her openness and transparency on her podcast, Call Her Daddy. However, there is one aspect of her life that she keeps private: her relationship with Matt Kaplan. In an interview with W Magazine, Cooper revealed that she enjoys divulging details of her life on the show, however, she maintains a prudent approach to discerning which portions should remain confidential and which can be shared. She has achieved an equilibrium between public exposure and preserving her privacy.

Kaplan, on the other hand, prefers to keep his work in Hollywood behind the scenes, and he wanted the same for his personal life. Despite this, he still supports Cooper’s work and is often interested in how the show goes. While the couple has kept their relationship quiet, Cooper did reveal that they got engaged in March of 2023.

Kaplan planned an elaborate proposal, including a scavenger hunt around her home and a surprise party at the Four Seasons with friends and family. Cooper revealed that while she hadn’t pictured a wedding in her mind prior to now, the bedrock of honesty and trust which their connection is built on has motivated her to progress forward together.

Marriage might be looming ahead, but there aren’t any definitive plans or conceptions yet. The engagement ring, a 5-carat antique oval-cut diamond, features a thin gold band and single prongs and was designed by a Los Angeles-based jeweler, Jenna Blake.

Though Cooper and Kaplan keep their relationship private, the Daddy Gang can still catch glimpses of their love story through Cooper’s occasional mentions of him on the podcast. Time will tell if he will make a guest appearance on the show.

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