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Currently, having good and beautiful teeth is one of the great priorities of millions of people today, and the existence of dental crowns are super essential to returning that great appearance that your teeth have lost for some reason.

what are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are prostheses that are placed on the tooth or above dental implants. These act as covers and their function is to cover any imperfection presented, so that the teeth are aesthetically improved and so that the patient can fulfill his function of chewing food correctly. The appearance of dental crowns is quite natural and with excellent care they can last a long time.

when do we need a dental crown?

Although only a dentist can determine the use of Dental Crowns after analyzing the problem that occurs in the patient, another reason for the use of crowns is that the affected person has a loss of enamel or dentin. Sometimes there are cases where the patient is not suitable for a dental crown and one of those causes is that they have an incorrect bite or malocclusion that causes fractures of the crowns in the long term.

The Dental Crown procedure must be performed by a professional and in general terms it is not painful because the dentist will apply anesthesia before beginning the placement process.

A crown is generally necessary on the tooth when:

  • The tooth is vulnerable to infection.
  • When the tooth is painful in daily activities.
  • When the bite is affected.
  • That the patient aesthetically wants a better smile.
  • Cover the abutment of a dental implant.

According to the Dentakay Dental Clinic, these are the types of dental crowns most requested by the hundreds of patients who come to them annually:

  • PORCELAIN: These are made between porcelain and metal and are mostly placed on the back of the teeth to prevent the metal from being seen through the gums and it should be noted that they are quite resistant.
  • ZIRCONIUM CROWNS: This type of material is special because it is translucent and reflects light naturally just like an original tooth. They are always recommended for patients who generate some type of allergy since it is quite biocompatible.
  • METAL CROWNS: In the past this type of dental crown was widely used because it was long-lasting and made of materials such as gold, nickel, or chrome. Currently, this material is little used.
  • RESIN CROWNS: They are the least resistant material and are only used temporarily on dentures to protect carved teeth during other dental treatments.

advantages and disadvantages of dental crowns:


  • Prevents a tooth with a root canal from fracturing.
  • It can repair a tooth with trauma.
  • It is capable of restoring a dental implant.
  • Covers teeth stains.
  • Makes an abnormally shaped tooth look good.


  • They can chip easily, especially porcelain ones.
  • The cement used to secure the crown may come loose at some point.
  • If the tooth is not very clean when the dental crown is placed, it can cause an infection.
  • Cavities can occur if the crown is not sealed properly.
  • Some materials can cause an allergic reaction in the patient due to some of the materials.
  • Sensitivity to foods, whether hot or cold.

costs of a dental crown

Prices always vary depending on the country where the treatment is performed, thousands of people experience dental tourism to seek not only this one but several treatments. Turkey is one of the countries that offers the best offers in terms of service and prices. Dental crowns have an approximate value of €70 to €120 if they are made of porcelain material, which in this case is the most sought-after. The dental crown in gold is between €90 to €240 euros.

Turkey is the best destination to get dental crowns, since it is highly sought after by thousands of people annually, not only for that but because its prices are up to 70% cheaper than other European, Arab countries, and even the United States.

what should the care of a dental crown be?

The patient must be aware that a dental crown is another tooth that must be cared for and have good oral hygiene by flossing frequently and brushing well. You should always know well the type of material chosen to know how dental crowns should be cared for, since some are more resistant than others. Dental crowns are usually strong to support biting, chewing food, and speaking fluently. Each material has a standard duration, but it is up to the patient to follow the necessary care steps.

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