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Android Development
By JATIN PANCHAL 4,212 views

Top Reasons Why Only a Fool Can Be Dubious About Android’s Prospects

According to Apple data, 26 percent of iPhone users have switched to android in the year 2020. Android enjoys more than 80 percent share of the global smartphone market at present. The user base of Android is simply envious. There are more than 3.5 billion users of Android at present. Furthermore, there are above 3 million applications available on the Play Store itself. Let’s check the below stats:

Mobile App Downloads current stats
Image source: Google

Android still is the most favorite platform among top mobile app development companies. With such overwhelming figures, one should not doubt the current stature of android. Most importantly, it’s going to have some level of significance in forthcoming years as well. The following abstracts throw more light into it.

A Favorite of Top Rank Companies

Android currently is among the most dominant operating system platform across the globe. Top Businesses in the digital arena hire android app developers for their businesses. Be it about Amazon, Airtel, or Flipkart; android has been a favorite of all when it comes to fulfilling third-party app requirements.

There is a massive demand for android certification in modern times. All these aspects depict android’s dominance and the trust in it. Several Android applications have significantly grown in modern times compared to what it was few years past. Specifically, when it comes to making sensitive aspects like online payments, online shopping, etc., android apps have been a favorite.

Things are expected to be even more enchanting in this regard through the advent of AI. Android Architectures that Google promotes are way lot significant in modern times. Moreover, it has turned the development process way simpler and easy to understand.

Many Highly Buzzed Projects in Pipeline

The buzz around android is not just a matter of the claim. There are many things in the pipeline that are based on android only. For example, automated cars based on android are very soon going to launch. Other much-buzzed aspects like the Biomatrix prompt are also going to be powered by android.

Similarly, Android CameraX is also expected to be a big thing in the forthcoming time. All these aspects will depict it louder that Android will make it big in the business arena in the forthcoming years. Forget about the loss; the upcoming years promise loads of business in upcoming years.

Top Reasons Behind Android’s Ability to Create Greater Scopes

Tech enthusiasts often speculate about various reasons behind the significant demand for Android App Development Company in modern times. There can be varieties of reasons behind the same. However, the following ones are certainly the most prominent.

  1. The simplest yet the most straightforward reason behind the growing demand for the android app is the growing users of smartphones.
  2. Being an open-source platform, Android is certainly the easiest of all platforms to get adapted with.
  3. Android is quite cost-effective for the above reason, though it promises about significant return on the investments made.
  4. The development framework of android is indeed the most powerful.
  5. When it comes to creativity, android certainly is the most preferred platform. Android specifically is favored when it comes to adding new features. Above all, android works well for all types of industries. Starting from business industries, finance, travel, security, healthcare, eCommerce to gaming, android as a platform has been highly favored.

All industries favor android. However, the prime reason behind its popularity and trust is certainly the association of top-rank companies with it. Be it about Google, Hike, American Express, Uber to the most frequently visited platforms like YouTube, there are many top-rank companies those work on android consistently.

Most Enriched User Interface

Android-based applications are immensely popular for the sleek user-interface that it provides. Needless is to say that UI/UX has been one of the critical factors behind the success of applications. These apps are thoroughly customizable and can be managed easily. Google has been on all efforts towards enriching UI, helping the developers develop customized applications as per the needs of the business.

Being open-source also is the reason that makes developers enthused about trying creative things and develops powerful applications. The level of customization one can expect with android is quite enormous. One can easily update the whole range of multimedia tools that it provides.

Most Favorable for Java Developers

Applications developed on android are coded using Java, which is quite known for the massive library it comes enriched with. It means that anyone knowing Java can easily develop android. Many surveys claim that Java experts always prefer writing applications for the Android platform compared to those with expertise in other languages.


The bottom line that can be derived after all this is that android has the biggest prospect among all. There are enough statistics to claim its significance. In short, those who are planning to develop an app on android should go ahead without any second thought.

Jatin Panchal

Jatin Panchal is the Founder and Managing Director of Rlogical Techsoft Pvt. Ltd., and he has been a technopreneur for the past 11+ years.