The power of JavaScript is known to all the developers. As the developer survey by Stackoverflow ranks JavaScript as the most popular and most loved language of all. And Angular JS holds the power to deliver excellent support by using JavaScript. The components programmed using Angular JS performs at its best and provides an excellent user experience. 

And in the competitive market of today, a web app that fails to deliver user experience doesn’t last long. Therefore, it becomes essential to enable your web app to fulfill user requirements.

7 Reasons Angular JS Is an Excellent Front-end Development Framework

The primary reasons why Angular JS is an excellent front-end framework to choose for are the development support it delivers. JavaScript makes it easier to deliver excellent user experience, and Angular JS enhances the functionalities of JavaScript in the best way possible.

Implements MVC Architecture

Angular supports and encourages the use of MVC architecture. However, it differs from other frameworks as it first asks the developers to divide the web app into MVC components, and the rest procedures are taken care of by Angular JS itself. This framework enhances the use of MVC by providing excellent support for front-end development and handling the structuring processes by itself.


Plain Old JavaScript Objects (POJO) do not require a developer to implement getter-setter methods. It helps in providing faster coding experience, which also increases the performance. Developers can add and set the properties of these objects directly. They can set loops and arrays as per their wish.

These objects are named as “scopes” which works with controller and view. Therefore, the properties of scopes are automatically bound to view, which reduces the development time and delivers excellent services. It affects the entire coding scenario as the developer needs to write less code

Less Code to Manage and Write

As concluded from the above points, it becomes much easier to manage and program the front-end. The requirement of writing code is very less compared to any other front-end development method. It helms an excellent user experience even when the developer doesn’t have to code much. 

Property Modification Done Right

In Angular JS, the scopes inherit parent scope’s properties. However, if for a scope these properties are modified, the same gets implemented in all other children scopes belonging to the same parent. It helps provide excellent services by modifying the properties for all the scopes and saves a significant amount of development time.

Dependency Injection in Action

Angular JS makes it easier to execute unit testing. How? Because of the dependency injection it uses. The components of Angular JS are linked together using the dependency injection. It helps use the mock data to test out each component well- which is done in unit testing.

Moreover, it also lends support for unit testing as it involves a mock HTTP provider that can help try out the fake data to find any errors. As every angular JS development company is aware of this functionality, they perform rigorous testing and produce excellent front-end development results.

Lliminating DOM Manipulations

Angular JS eliminates the need for the view to manipulate DOM elements to produce the view and pass jQuery for behavior. It sees every view as another HTML webpage and delivers support to produce results without needing the developers to modify the DOM objects. 

It relieves user interface designers from the worries of managing and maintaining the DOM manipulations. And they can efficiently focus upon the outputs they produce to provide better services.

Enables Single Page Application

Angular JS produces a SPA (Single Page Application) at the end. A single page application loads all the elements when a first server request is made. It eliminates the need to place multiple server requests, and instead, a single request loads all the elements of a page. It provides quality performance and increases productivity.

Summing Up

A business can deliver excellent services through their web app that is designed using Angular JS. As the competitive market of today encourages all the best concepts to come forward and lead the market- Angular JS web applications are the best one to go for if a business wants to introduce something new. Using it to deliver an excellent experience not only helps you increase revenue, but the features also help in saving the development time.

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