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antique wood restoration
By JOE MAILLET 902 views

Tip for Taking Care of Your Antique Wood Furniture

As an owner of antique wood items, you must be proud to show off your collections to friends and neighbors. However, cutting more trees for making wood products can harm the environment. Today, wood furniture items are not easy to acquire because they are usually expensive and rare. That is why antique wood restoration has become an important practice to preserve these valuable things. If you want to enhance the lifespan of your property, follow the maintenance tips given below:

Treat with care

Wooden objects are strong and beautiful, but they damage easily when receiving an impact force. For example, if you drag a heavy wood table by one end without lifting its legs, the other legs may suffer damage anytime soon. Leaving the piece of furniture outside the house without protection can also deter its condition gradually. It is important to treat these antic items with care when you use them. Use a cover or sheet to prevent contacting spills when you put food and drinks onto the surface.


When dust and airborne particles start settling on your furniture, they form layers of debris that can invite termites, cockroaches, ants, spiders, and all kinds of nasty pests. These creepy crawlers are always ready to invade your living space and munch your belongings as the best meal. They love to breed their young ones in clutter and wooden objects that are left untouched for a long time. Once they find their nesting area inside the wood, you can’t save your valuable items anymore. As a responsible owner of such priceless items, you should adopt a regular dusting task. Dusting is the simplest yet effective way to maintain your assets. You don’t need to learn rocket science to take a feather duster and brush off the dust every day.


Since natural woods don’t have protections once they are sawed from the trees, lumber companies use a variety of coating solutions for polishing and waxing their products. Without these protective layers, woods are vulnerable to all kinds of elements, including cold, heat, pest, and mishaps. Just a small impact can leave a dent on the surface. That is why you need to apply oil tinctures and wax materials on the entire structure. If you are not familiar with such carpentry activities, look for an antique upholstery repair in your area. Such a company offers furniture restoration, refinishing, and refacing services at affordable rates.

Remove stains

Some people have habits of doing nasty things on their piece of furniture. Putting hot pan, spilling liquids, and not cleaning the stain for days can lead to structural damage. It is okay to be clumsy while sipping your coffee, but you need to clean it before the wood absorbs the liquid in its inner layers. You don’t have to use strong chemicals to remove a stain on the table. Use your household items such as vinegar, lemon, and baking soda to rub the surface.

If you notice any scratch or wear and tear on the wooden object, consider hiring an antique wood restoration to save your belonging. An age-old piece of furniture can be your family’s heirloom that represents pride and honor.

Joe Maillet

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