Who is Guru? How could you recognize the true Guru? Can Guru be similar to any other?

A wide array of similar questions usually trouble people as they don’t get satisfying answers to their queries. Fortunately, today you will get the answers of each of your query related to Guru, the spiritual master. Saint Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has given answers in this regard to satiate the queries related to it. Read till the end!

Who is Guru- The Spiritual Master?

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan enunciates that the Guru is a sum of two words, Gu + Ru. Gu means darkness and Ru means light, so Guru means that a person who brings people out of darkness by showcasing them the path of light.

Darkness here means the negativity around and inside the people that is not letting them see the right path. The path of light is the path of spirituality, positivity, and truth. So, true Guru will bring you out of the clutches of negative power and showcase you the path of salvation for everlasting delight.

Why Guru is Important?

People usually think, why a Guru is important? Why should they take spiritual knowledge from a Guru, when there are already lots of Holy Books available? Just answer one thing, can anyone take a degree without a teacher? Can a child speak, run, behave in his own way? Doesn’t he need his parents to get it all done?

If for these small activities, you need the help of a guide, a Guru then to meet God, don’t you need a spiritual master? That’s strange!

Just as in every activity, a teacher or a guide is necessary, in spirituality too, a guide, a Guru is necessary who can navigate your pathway towards God and salvation. Without Him, you can’t put a single step in spirituality. Guru is a bridge between you and God and helps you meet the supreme power. Meeting God is possible only via Guru.

Can Anyone Be Similar to Guru?

To answer this question, Saint MSG cited the example of Sehjo Bai.

Sehjo Bai was a prominent disciple. Her devotion to her Guru was beyond words. One day, a person came to her and said that if you would ever have worshipped God instead of your Guru, then He might now have come in front of you.

At that point in time, one other person was brooming the street & that area. Sehjo Bai replied to the first person (who asked her about God) that if God comes to me then I will consider him just like that boy who is brooming the street. But if He wants to come then come in the form of my Guru only then I will respect Him, otherwise, He is none less than this person for me.

Got goosebumps? This is known as devotion and faith. The devotee never ever treats anyone equal to Guru and none can, not even God can equalize Him.

Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan says invariably, ‘Guru is Guru and none can replace Him’. Guru is just like Guru, he can’t be compared & can’t ever be equalized to anyone in any manner.

He is Sovereign!

Guru is sovereign. What he thinks & do for you is best for you and none other can ever think that good for you. He has direct connections with God and his words are God’s words. He can change your fate by praying to God and let you live a satisfactory and happy life ever after.

Does Guru Demand Anything in Return?

Yes! Surprised?

Not money, but He takes promises in the way of His fees. He takes,

  • A promise to leave your inner vices
  • A promise to follow the Guru’s directives and help the needy all the time
  • A promise to regularly meditate and perform selfless service
  • A promise to build your moral character in the way God wants
  • A promise to stay always by humanity’s side

His purpose of life is to make humanity everyone’s purpose of life and to connect mankind with the supreme power so that everyone can have access to eternity.

No matter what, Guru always stays with you without expecting anything from you in return. His benevolent heart is open for everyone, even if you don’t appreciate Him.

All in all, Guru is Guru and none can ever take His place. Who can ever be equal to Him who has made a path between you & God, who has showered endless blessings and made your life heaven, who has to navigate you to live right path, who has made you capable to feel & enjoy the divine bliss all the time? No one ever can!

He is one and incomparable!

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