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Documents You Need to Rent an Apartment in Les Sables-d'Olonne

Documents You Need to Rent an Apartment in Les Sables-d’Olonne

Nowadays renting an apartment in France is not as easy as it seems, especially in Location Les Sables. Every tenant needs to provide a list of documents as proof before renting an apartment in Les Sables-d’Olonn.

Do you know why landlords ask for documents? The rental housing market enhanced in recent years with new legislation and registration procedures. The motive behind it is to safeguard landlords’ interests. Furthermore, this procedure reduced the risk of breaching the rental agreement from both ends.

Before we discuss the documents that tenants need to provide to rent an apartment in Les Sables, let’s first explore a brief description about rent agreement and what does it include.

Do you know what rent agreement is?

A rental/ lease agreement is a legal document stating the terms and conditions that need to be followed by tenant and owner. As per the agreement both the parties agree to follow the rental rules and regulations. In case tenants breach the contract he may have to deal with the penalties.

A rent agreement is basically prepared by the real estate agent with the mutual consent of landlord and tenant. In this process, both the landlord and the tenant must sign the agreement in the presence of two individuals who will not get any benefit from the property and will put a signature on the agreement as witnesses.

Do you know what does a rent agreement include?

As mentioned above, a rental agreement is a legal document under which an apartment is given on rent. The agreement includes the name of both the parties i.e. tenant and landlord and also the address of the rented property.

The tenure of the rent agreement and the amount of rent paid will also be mentioned in the rental agreement. Usually, the tenure of a rental agreement is for eleven months. Once it gets expire, you need to get it to renew which is obviously mentioned in the terms and conditions of the agreement. In case, the agreement is for more than twelve months, it is mandatory for the landlord to get the agreement register by paying the necessary stamp duty.

According to the rental agreement, the tenant also needs to deposit the security amount with the landlord. The deposit is basically for the protection of the landlord against the repairing charges of the property damaged by the tenant.

The date before which the rent is expected to be paid will also mention in the agreement. If the tenant fails to pay the rent before the mentioned date, the penalty charges that he needs to pay should also be mentioned in the agreement.

Documents you need as a professional to rent an apartment in Les Sables

  • ID proof or passport
  • Income proof (it should be 3 times higher than the rent and charges)
  • Last year income tax return
  • Residence proof (it may also include offer letter or signed employment contract from your future employer).
  • Bank reference form

Documents you need as a student to rent an apartment in Les Sables:

  • ID proof or passport
  • Residence permit (you can also provide an admission letter from your university).
  • Bank reference form
  • A letter from your parents or guarantor
  • Guarantor ID proof – it includes Photocopy of ID, employment contract, last three pay slips, and last tax statement.

Final Words

So these are the documents you need to provide to landlord while renting an apartment in Les Sables-d’Olonn. Ensure the person you are making a deal is the actual owner of the property. You can also ask for the documents to verify that prove all previous bills have been paid including the electricity, water and gas bills.

If you are seeking an apartment on rent in Location Les Sables, it is advisable to prepare the mentioned documents before meeting owners of the property.

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