How to Effectively Market Your App on Social Media in 2020

Since 2017, there are near about 3 million apps are available in Google Play Store and more than 2.5 million applications available in the app store. Those numbers are increasing rapidly day by day. Don’t sit down with the hope of users that they will help you increase your business. The reason is competition is very fierce. That’s why it is necessary to use a profitable and effective marketing strategy to promote your app.

In recent research, the number of mobile app downloads will reach up to 352.9 billion till 2021. So, if you have not started promoting your app then don’t fear. Start it today by implementing the best social media strategies elaborated in this writing.

Check out the 10 best strategies to effectively market your app on social media in 2020:

  1. Make Proper Plan

The first and most important part of any marketing campaign is to prepare a plan. Before moving to any strategy you should know the answers to important questions mentioned below:

  • The type of content will be required for the product to get audience attraction.
  • Which will be the best platform to promote the product lie Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Select your targeted audience, region, age, and other factors.
  • Selection of the best social media platform for long-run benefits.
  1. Generate User Generate and Value-Based Content

Content is always king. It is the base for any marketing campaign. So you always have a strong policy on your content. Generate informative, high-quality and unique content in planning and creating your social media campaign to get the attention of your audience. You need to develop content that can easily help you engage your customers with your services and products. For example, if you are a good chef, then to engage your audience you can give them recipes of food from time to time.

Along with this, you can create videos describing your business; it is a great way of marketing. To attract customers you can make quirky and funny videos and publish them on YouTube and Facebook.

  1. Create Websites and Attractive Landing Pages for Your Mobile App

If you can develop a mobile app then it is not a big task for you to develop a website. With the growing of time, developing a website has become more convenient. It may be possible that you don’t have to develop it so the best option is to hire a professional to do it for you. It is not a hard task. There are lots of developers you can find in the market just hire the best. Publish your content on this website.

Create effective and attractive landing pages. A decent landing page integrated with your website will help you generate more clicks. So, never underestimate the power of landing pages when you work on promoting your app on social media channels.

  1. Use Paid Ads

Using paid ads on social media such as Facebook, YouTube is a great method to increase reachability. They are accountable for more than 40% app downloads these days. It is a big part of overall success. Getting organic traffic is harder but not with paid ads. You should customize and personalize your ad campaigns as per your needs. Facebook and YouTube is the best way to promote your app via paid ads. Keep monitoring regularly and scale the increment in reach and your profit.

  1. Connect With Influencers Marketers

For better results, it is always a good idea to connect with the field professionals. You can trust them to get the success of your business. As they know the tactics and basics of promoting your app on social channels. Big marketers also have a long list of followers on social media platforms. So they can create a lot of buzz around it.

Invest some time in finding the right and relevant influencers who can help you reach your audience and achieve your motives.  They are the only people who can guide you with the best strategies that need to be implemented for your app promotion on social media channels.

  1. Run Contests

Who doesn’t love the rewards?

Make a plan to reward your users and customers for downloading your app. It is a great way to promote your app in the fastest manner. Just do a trial for it and you will see the immense results of implementing this strategy. Make a simple contest to help your audience to engage in it easily. Offer them attractive rewards such as cash prize, products, and other things. Don’t forget to share all the details on social media.

You can also integrate the contest with your app installation and also run a referral program to increase the downloads. Use awareness programs to make your campaign more successful.

  1. Encourage the Users To Share Your App 

Create informative and useful information and publish it on different social media platforms. Without any doubt, we can say that eye-catching and useful posts can highlight your features and encourage users to spread it across the world of social media. Connect with people directly and tell them the motive of your app and its benefits.

  1. Images Speak A Thousand Word

Images can impact the mindset of any person easily and bind them to know what is an actual picture inside your app. In this way, a single image can work more than thousands of words. Use the buttons like “Download the App” with effective messages and share it on social channels to stand unique among the crowd. It also decreases the cost of promoting your app on social media in 2020 as people are more catchy towards images.

  1. Find out Your Social Competitors

It is also necessary to know your competitors are via a Google search. Find out the most valuable and searched keywords and phrases used by your competitors. Follow the strategy of top competitors.

  1. Use Hashtags

Finding hashtags is necessary to find the trending on social media. Use these hashtags in your ad campaigns and makes your branding successful on all social platforms. Create hashtags used locally, nationally and globally. Whenever a user clicks on the hashtag then they will see your posts.

Building an app is not worth it until it is getting downloads by people. So, use the above 10 tips to market your app in 2020 and increase its downloads.

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Nikunj Shingala
Nikunj Shingala
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