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How Mobile Apps Twist The Health and Fitness Industry?

Do you feel stressed after ending your day by having a gym and work schedule over? The technology has expanded its scope to make your lives easier. So now, you can maintain your work and health schedule together and feel relaxed at the end of the day.

The working days are getting so hectic nowadays that Blood pressure, Sugar, and heart-attack are so common to be a significant cause of someone’s illness or may cause death. So, it is your responsibility to maintain everything effectively and stay healthy.

The world is stepping towards Digital direction and enjoying its ride on having everything well-managed, including their professional and health life. Mobile applications are not only made for playing games and helps to perform your social interactions but also have earned a radical transformation in the health & fitness industry

A report presented by Statista regarding the contribution of a Mobile app in the health & fitness industry:

Mobile app

From 2015-2020, the Mobile app has a 41% contribution in the health & fitness industry. Whereas Wireless health resulted in 23%, and all others are comparatively present low outcome than the Mobile app.

Another report presented by Statista:

  • Revenue in the health and fitness sector amounts to US$16,857m in 2019.
  • The annual growth is expected to show (CAGR 2019-2023) of 5.0%, resulting in a market volume of US$20,499m by 2023 in the fitness industry.
  • Most revenue is generated in China (US$5,112m in 2019) at a global level.  

Everybody loves to stay in shape if the Mobile App Industry is providing an assistant to you by getting their engagements in the Fitness industry. So, Why not people? If you are not aware of using applications, we are here to help you out and make your life more comfortable than ever before.

Let’s spread the treasure of using mobile applications in Fitness life: 

  1. Fitness on your wrist
  2. Tracker Eye is always on you
  3. Diet and Nutrition assistance/guidance
  4. Hassle-free Search for Doctors and Hospitals
  5. Personal Trainer App
  6. Health maintenance with Social touch

Fitness watch on your wrist:

It’s good to wear a watch which will assist you time, but it’s great to wear a smartwatch which will also help to manage your fitness goals. It keeps an eye on your heart rate all day and counts your steps while walking, which motivates you to get ready for the next day. 

Many people spend half of their night on their phones and laptops without even realizing the time, so wearing a fitness tracker alarms you the sleeping time and provides you with the regular sleep routine. If you wear a smartwatch, then you need not bring your phone out of your pocket. You can receive phone calls and reply to the messages too.

When humans know your weakness, it can be dangerous, but when it is known by technology, it warns you to avoid that and guide you to leave it. Sounds great. Elevate your day with health and fitness smartwatch with powerful lifestyle and fitness features.

Tracker Eye is always on you :

It is tracker less and caretaker more. It will record your data in real-time and, eventually, bring required changes in workout plans. 

Tracking apps take this philosophy really in serious mode, helping users to track what they are eating and of what quality? How much they are running, how fast they are running, cycling, and walking? How much sleep they are getting, and of what quality?

This all helps them to schedule their activities accordingly and manage them well. They also alarm you to stretch while working continuously. 

Diet and Nutrition assistance:

When it comes to your health and body shape, you get desperate to know what will be the position of your health. Is it right, or Is there any illness in the body which can cause severe loss to your health. Everything you need to know about your diet plan and nutrition guide will be routed by Health and Fitness app. 

You will get to know about how much calories you lose during exercise or what should you prefer to eat for getting ‘X’ amount of calories burned.

You can also get a nutrition plan according to your disease i.e., what meal you have to take, what exercise postures you have to do, and everything regarding your schedule to recover from the illness.

Hassle-free Search for Doctors and Hospitals :

The focus of the healthcare app is shifting to Patient-centric mode. If you need to book an appointment for a doctor, you can appoint and even sometimes prescribed on call too. For many reasons, health care professionals use medical devices and software, most of which can be categorized into :

  • Management
  • Maintenance and access to health records,
  • Communications and consultation, 
  • Reference and Collection of data and information, and 
  • Medical education. 
  • You can even know the facilities of a particular hospital.

There is a wide variety of medical applications for doctors i.e., Healthcare professionals and patients. 

Health mobile application helps you to track the activities like health recovery, medication dosage, as well as a doctor’s prescription.

Personal Trainer App :

The application offers personalized guidance, which is demanded by users and prescribed by trainers according to their health. It requires professionals, of course, to record podcasting and videos to guide their trainees’. It will streamline your schedule and make you fit by a technological hit.

Personal online learning is a fast-evolving way of exercising, which allows the average budget-conscious person to work over the internet with a trained and certified professional. 

let me introduce you to what you can expect with remote fitness coaching:

  • Let’s begin by discussing your fitness goals regarding weight loss or muscle building with a trainer initially.
  • Then, you should go ahead by mentioning your medical history and allergies.
  • You must tell your severe injuries and surgeries.
  • You should be honest while discussing your experience regarding fitness equipment.

 Health maintenance with Social touch :

Social media is not at all about showing off people regarding their daily and royal living, but instead, it keeps you enforcing and encouraging to do more positively. And, When it comes to health, everybody goes conscious and participate more to get a healthy and secure life.

This helps them to collaborate with similar people online who are fitness freak for sharing their ideas and experience. In fact, most Social media channels are getting interacted by app services to permit people to share their knowledge and enjoy the services safely.


To sum up, It is wise advice to you to go for a good and secure health plan because Opportunities come and go, but the fact is that to snatch it and grasp the sparkle out of it.

So, tighten your laces and hit the ground with your feet and our app. Go ahead, make your investment in us, and build your fitness app now

Have a healthy life with our app solution services

Jignesh Vaghasiya

Jignesh Vaghasiya is the CEO of Universal Stream Solution LLC, a mobile app development company Atlanta. He loves to write on mobile technologies.