Metal electroplating is passing an electricity current through to the components, which are emerged in a liquid of the conductive nature for the transfer of particles, which can change the composition of the metal. In simple words, this allows a change of metal, which provides a new finish fitting the immediate requirement.

These requirements include a finish, which is tougher, resistant to the weather or even for a better appearance. You find that copper, zinc, and tin are the most common metals used in electroplating. Plating can be possible with a combination of metals or even in individual metals.

Electroplating Applications:

There are different applications for the electroplating:

1. Practical Applications:

One of the practical applications or electroplating is the exhaust of a motorbike being chrome plated. This protects the bike from harsh weather conditions and enhances the total look. This also works as a protection for the motor bike against debris or stones flying up and causing damage to the bike. The exhaust is protected from the rust. Tools, which are electroplated, have a harder finish. The wear and tear of these tools do not create a problem.

2. Decorative Applications:

Silver and gold-plated jewelry use this electroplating. This tends to work out affordable, as compared to opting to buy the precious metal in its original form. Gold and silver electroplating is used for practical applications like gold connections or electronics.

Methods for Electroplating:

The two basic methods used for electroplating are the rack method and the barrel method. Though both these methods can bond the metal to the plating, they tend to serve the different purposes. Barrel method is apt for a high quantity of small parts and the rack method is apt for an article, which is oddly shaped.

Benefits of Metal Electroplating:

1. Resistant to Heat: Metal electroplating is heat resistant and works aptly for the aviation and automobile industries.

2. Resistant to Corrosion: This electroplating can save on the cost of replacement or repair for any industry, as this can be termed as ‘anti-corrosion’.

3. Aesthetically Pleasing: Antiques electroplated can be incorporated into any living space easily. These tend to retain the charm and beauty for a longer period.

Metals Specific for Electroplating:

Different metals are used for electroplating different applications. 

1. Silver:

Electroplating semi-conductors with silver can work out as a good option. This might work out a little expensive for most projects, as silver is definitely an expensive material.

2. Electro less Nickel: 

Electro less nickel (EN) is another metal, which can prevent corrosion. This coating contains phosphorous and works well as anti-corrosion.

3. Gold:

Gold is resistant to not only corrosion but also oxidation in multiple environments. This metal is considered one of the most non-reactive metals and can protect from corrosion and rust.

Choosing Electroplating Services:

There are multiple companies offering their services for electroplating. Before making a choice of a specific service you need to consider specific factors ensuring that you are benefitted to the maximum.

  • Search for a service, which offers services only after maintaining the engineered specifications.
  • Experience does make a difference to the services providing electroplating. A well-experienced company has the knowledge of which metal works best for a specific requirement of electroplating.
  • The company chosen needs to have the knowledge of which metals can be electroplated and which cannot. They also need to ensure the use of apt temperatures for the electroplating so that there is no damage done to the specific application.

Thus, it is evident that electroplating offers a new life to the article, ensuring this last for a long period without any problems.

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  • Thanks for explaining what metal electroplating is and its uses. I found it interesting when you mentioned that electroplating is being used on electronics since it can protect metals from corrosion and rust. I learned about the term when I was watching a movie about bands and their electric music equipment. The band member mentioned that one of his guitars is electroplated to avoid corrosion and rust.

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