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Architectural Cladding
By MACK AURTHER 886 views

Top 3 Common Types of Architectural Cladding for Your Sweet Home

In general, cladding is one of the most underrated terms of the house building sector. Many people, who know about construction, seldom talk about architectural cladding and its benefits. Cladding is something that is attached to the interiors and exteriors of your property. Now, this coating or covering is suitable for both non-structural and external surfaces. Nevertheless, there are different types of cladding used for commercial and residential purposes.

Believe it or not, architectural cladding is highly effective in protecting the external and interior walls of buildings. It ensures that the entire structure is resistant to wind, rust, molds, and harsh climate conditions. In simpler words, cladding enhances the lifespan of every property by improving its functionality.

Now, let’s explore the different architectural cladding styles suitable for almost every property.

Types of Architectural Cladding

#1. Stone Cladding

When it comes to building cladding, there is a wide range of options available in the market. Now, selecting the right type of cladding can become overwhelming for the newbies. Well, stone claddings are highly recommended for buildings and mansions. Stone cladding is available in two different options, actual stone and faux.

If you are looking for a more elegant look and style, then stone cladding is the right option for you. Now, the only drawback of this cladding is the hectic installation process and higher maintenance cost. However, nothing can beat the looks of stone cladding. Whenever you ask for the best architectural cladding style, then stone cladding would be the only answer.

Above all, stone cladding can withstand harsh weather conditions and resistant to bacteria, insects, and temperature. Now, if you are installing stone cladding, then you need well-experienced labor for this challenging task. If you are interested in elegant looks instead of your budget, stone cladding is the only best choice.

#2. Clay Cladding

Cottages and mansion covered in clay cladding are often seen in the European countries. You might have even seen those white pearl houses of the Netherlands in most romantic films.

Clay cladding is one of the common types of architectural cladding often preferred by contemporary and modern house builders. This type of cladding is highly environment-friendly and perfect for consumers looking for cost-effective cladding.

Clay cladding is generally tough on the outer side and improves the overall looks of your property. Many house builders also claim that clay cladding enhances the value of any property.

There are various advantages of selecting clay cladding over other cladding types. The key feature of this type of cladding is minimal maintenance and installation cost. Above all, the thermal insulation of clay cladding is superb and environment friendly. If you live in a tropical area, then nothing is best than clay cladding.

#3. Argemax Claddings

Whether you are buying clothes or your new house, design and style matter the most. Agremax cladding is also one of the popular types of architectural cladding. This type of cladding is made from high-quality and rust-free composite fiber panels.

Composite fiber panels and format panels are almost the same; they can be transformed into any design and shape. Now, here you can choose the design of your choice and transform the cladding of the property.

Argemax cladding also has numerous advantages and some disadvantages.

When it comes to benefits, Agremax cladding is fire-resistant, ZERO maintenance charges, rust-proof, and easy to install. However, the significant drawback is Agremax cladding is highly vulnerable to scratches and not weather-resistant.

Some of The Other Popular Choices That You Have Are: 

  • Wood cladding
  • Ceramic cladding
  • Curtain wall cladding
  • Tile cladding
  • Timber cladding
  • Cement cladding

Based on the types of aesthetics you want to create, you can choose the desired type. Make sure that your choice should be based on ease of maintenance and durability. Also, choose the right contractor for this task.

 Wrapping It Up

Nevertheless, architectural cladding is not a cost-effective task; you have to burn your pockets. Believe it or not, sometimes cladding also costs around 30% of your overall property value. However, homeowners give more preference for sustainability and protection. Hence, it’s your choice to decide the best cladding for your sweet home.

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