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artificial intelligence professionals
By JITENDER SHARMA 1,341 views

The AI Quest: Can Artificial Intelligence help Crack the Code for Obsolete Jobs

75 million jobs projected to be displaced by 2022, says The World Economic Forum. Although machine and algorithms will displace these many job roles it is also predicted to create 133 million newer jobs. In simple words, looking at the rate AI is growing, there will be 58 million net new jobs generated.

Artificial intelligence as a newbie in the market is already hitting the headlines. It is gradually moving into different sectors to get a hold of how the system works. No doubt AI keeps getting better day by day by helping organizations in their development, products and services. Although AI is still in its nascent stage today, it will sweep changes in the years to come.

2025 will be the year where we’re going to notice that the machine will be performing more tasks as compared to 71% workforce today. Due to which there might be an impact to the current global workforce. The report by The World Economic Forum prime intention is to provide guidance on how human task could be improved and how professionals need to stay future ready with the emerging job roles. The report also suggests that almost 54% of employees in larger companies may need to reskill and upgrade their current skills.

Job prospects and career growth

The demand for artificial intelligence professionals has risen globally in the IT industry. And the supply gap caused the rise for such professionals.

We’re currently living in a world where probably the first word a child learns is Ok Google. Thanks to the ever-changing technology everything around us has transformed by leaps and bounds. The fourth industrial revolution is now being led by the cutting-edge technologies like Cloud Computing, Virtual Reality, AR, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, in return making our machines smarter. The reason why we have smart homes, smart cars, smart TVs, and smartphones. In addition to this, there can be no better time to realize and start upgrading ourselves and stay job ready and future ready. This could be the best time for one to have a second thought of changing career since there will be abundance of job opportunities.

Artificial intelligence has find its way through almost every organization. Though it is in its nascent stage, employers are willing to pay huge remuneration to professional with AI skills. Artificial intelligence professionals can be a huge investment to a company. The scope of AI is limitless thus, has emerged as one of the most lucrative career of the IT industry today.

There will remain to exist plethora of jobs throughout the market, all you need to do to become an artificial intelligence professional today is to first acquire the relevant skill-set. This will keep you eligible for in-demand job roles such as artificial intelligence engineer or artificial intelligence specialist. According to Indeed, the salary of an artificial intelligence engineer ranges around $169,930 per year. Additionally, professionals with AI skills can easily demand 60-80% hike while making that switch.

Artificial Intelligence is a growing technology in today’s IT industry. Employer demand no doubt has grown within the past years. Through AI, one can determine to achieve incredible accuracy though neural networks. With the dearth of AI talent in the job market, it can be a great opportunity for younger talents to make it big in the industry. Although the demand for artificial intelligence skills is growing at an exponential rate, there are yet many job positions lying vacant in the industry today.

Jitender Sharma

Jitender Sharma is an entrepreneur and internet marketer with over 5 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization, Creative Writer and Digital Marketing Consultant.