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Asbestos Removal
By HOLLYJACOB 2,056 views

Resolving Common Queries Surrounding Asbestos Removal

Any establishment or structure that has asbestos needs testing and removal. Asbestos, better known for its durability, insulating properties, and cost-effectiveness, was extensively used in the construction industry. However, over a period of time, its health impacts garnered a lot of attention, leading to a ban on these materials altogether. What if you encounter a structure or building that has traces of asbestos?

Removal of asbestos can be dangerous and involves inherent risks for both the working professional and the property owner. Thankfully there’s a set protocol that ensures hassle-free removal of asbestos.

The well-established protocols and practices help ensure that asbestos and asbestos-containing materials or ACM are handled with proper care. The asbestos abatement company must follow the standard practices and protocols that minimize the risk. This blog highlights the key steps of asbestos abatement.  Test Asbestos at your home Visit Asbestos Sampling

The Asbestos Removal Process–


Testing The Presence:

The first step is to find if asbestos is present in the building or structure. For this, the surveyor is going to check the structure, collect samples and test it. The surveyor will ensure that there is a minimal disturbance while doing this and will give you an accurate result.

Risk Assessment Plan:

Once the testing is done, the surveyors establish if there is asbestos present in the structure. Once the results are there, a complete plan of its demolition is made, and a further course of action is prepared. This plan is prepared in sync with the guidelines issued by the health and safety executives. This plan highlights the potential risk of asbestos exposure and also entails the details of how to reduce the risk of asbestos exposure.

Hire A Licensed Asbestos Removal Company:

Once you have the plan ready, your next move should be to look for a professional and licensed company. While choosing a company, make sure that you consider the following parameters:

  • They must be working in this field for a long time and not be someone who has started the business a few months ago.
  • The work includes removal of asbestos coating which requires proper training, therefore, you must enquirer about the training provided to the workers who will be deputed to your site.
  • They should have worked on asbestos insulation boards.
  • Wear PPE Equipment


The workers must wear PPE at the time of asbestos removal. During the demolition, the asbestos particles become airborne, and inhaling them can be hazardous. Hence, you must ensure that the professional who is tasked with the removal should have the following equipment with them:

  • Overalls – These are designed to be dust-proof. It prevents the dust from penetrating and hence keeps down the risk of direct asbestos exposure.
  • Gloves – They should wear disposable gloves at the time of work.
  • Footwear – In addition to the above-mentioned options, a professional contractor should also wear the right kind of footwear. Rubber boots without laces are easy to put on and clean, thus making them the preferred choice.
  • Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) – This is the most important safety clothing that the contractor should wear. It prevents the inhalation of asbestos fiber, thus reducing the health risk.

Proper Disposal Of Waste:

After the demolition and removal of asbestos, it is time to dispose of the waste safely. The asbestos abatement company should have the transport vehicle and follow the right protocol for waste disposal.

Concluding Thoughts

After reading the basic steps of asbestos removal which every professional company follows, you must now have a fair idea of the process. Make sure that you check the license and accreditation of the company before hiring their services.


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