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ashley piercing
By GRACIE HART 488 views

Ashley Piercing – All You Need to Know About This Unique Facial Piercing

Piercings and body modifications have been around for centuries, with different cultures and societies embracing different forms of it. In modern times, piercings have become a popular form of self-expression, with people opting for unusual placements and jewelry.

One such piercing that has gained popularity in recent years is the Ashley piercing. It’s a single-stud piercing on the bottom lip that has an unusual name and is fixed to the inner mouth. In this article, we’ll cover all you need to know about Ashley piercings – from where the name comes from to aftercare.

What is an Ashley Piercing?

Ashley piercing is just a single piercing through the center of your bottom lip that exits the back. It’s a bit more involved than other piercings, as it’s pierced according to the individual’s anatomy.  The piercer will have to take into account the anatomy of the lips and teeth to ensure that it’s safe to pierce.

The piercer will look for any veins in the way of the piercing and ensure he doesn’t mess up your gums or teeth! Once they’re sure it’s safe to pierce, the piercer will clean the area before marking where it’ll go. Some use forceps to hold the lip in place, while others just freehand it.

Once the mark is approved, they’ll push the needle through and install the jewelry. This piercing’s called an inverted vertical labret. Normal vertical labrets have two points showing, but Ashley piercings only have one. Nobody knows why it’s called that – some say it was first pierced or got by someone named Ashley.

Pain and Healing Time

Every piercing will hurt to some extent, but the amount of pain depends on an individual’s pain tolerance. The Ashley piercing rates around a 5 or 6 on a scale from 1 to 10. It’s not super painful, but there’s usually some swelling.

It’ll take 12-16 weeks to heal up completely. During that time, the jewelry will have to be changed out. A longer barbell is used initially to allow for swelling. A few weeks after you get pierced, your piercer will take it down a notch and shorten the post to get a nice and snug fit while it’s healing.

Cost of an Ashley Piercing

An Ashley piercing will cost you different amounts depending on a few things, like the piercing shop, how experienced your piercer is, and where you’re located. However, it’s essential to choose a professional and well-respected piercer rather than going for the least expensive option.


Aftercare for an Ashley piercing is more complicated than an ear-piercing as it’s an oral piercing. Because part of the jewelry is in the mouth, it’s essential to keep the area clean. Since this piercing is inside the mouth where food and beverages go, it’s important to rinse your mouth after every snack or meal.

Jewelry That Looks Good With An Ashley Piercing

Ashley piercings are a unique type of facial piercing that can be a great way to express your individuality and style. The placement of piercing, which is located in the center of the lower lip, creates a unique canvas for jewelry. Here are some options for jewelry that can look good with an Ashley piercing:

ashley piercing

  • Labret studs: Labret studs are a popular choice for Ashley piercings. They feature a flat disk on one end that sits on the inside of the lip and a decorative bead or gemstone on the other end that sits on the outside of the lip. This type of jewelry is versatile and comes in a variety of designs and materials, including gold, silver, titanium, and acrylic.
  • Circular barbells: Circular barbells, also known as horseshoe barbells, are another popular choice for Ashley piercings. They feature a circular design with a straight bar in the middle and two beads on either end. Circular barbells can be customized with different bead designs and colors, making them a fun and versatile choice for those with Ashley piercings.
  • Captive bead rings: Captive bead rings are a classic choice for piercings of all types, including Ashley piercings. They feature a circular design with a removable bead or ball that clips into place. Captive bead rings come in a variety of materials and designs, including traditional metal and more ornate options with gems and intricate designs.
  • Dainty hoops: For those looking for a more delicate and understated look, dainty hoops can be a great choice for Ashley piercings. These small, thin hoops sit snugly against the lip and can be worn alone or paired with other jewelry for a layered look.
  • Curved barbells: Curved barbells are another option for those with Ashley piercings. They feature a curved design that follows the shape of the lip and can be customized with different bead designs and colors. This type of jewelry can be a good choice for those who want to highlight the unique shape of their piercing.

When choosing jewelry for your Ashley piercing, it’s important to consider the size and shape of the piercing, as well as your personal style and preferences. It’s also important to choose jewelry made from high-quality materials that are safe for long-term wear.

Your piercer can guide you in selecting the right jewelry for your piercing and can also help you change your jewelry safely and hygienically.


The Ashley piercing is a unique and stylish piercing that requires proper aftercare and attention to detail. Choosing the right jewelry for your Ashley piercing is crucial for ensuring proper healing and reducing the risk of complications.

When it comes to finding the right bling for your piercing, there’s plenty to choose from! Think size, material, and style – if you’re after a classic and understated vibe or something that stands out, Ashley has you covered. Ultimately, the key to finding the right jewelry for your Ashley piercing is to prioritize safety and comfort while expressing your style.

Gracie Hart

Freelance Writer, Digital Marketer, and Content Writer