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HR Software
By SHY LEE 1,604 views

Benefits of Integrating Attendance Management and HR Software

As an employer, one of the biggest concerns remains the completion of projects on time, and this depends upon the employees completing their respective portions of the work within the stipulated time frame. To serve this purpose, companies conventionally use the physical files and musters to maintain attendance records with the Spreadsheet tools being used extensively for generating final records. The resultant attendance management has left companies paying money to employees on account of errors in calculations and fraudulent practices such as buddy punching and time theft. This article is focused on the in-built Attendance Management System of HR Software. We shall primarily consider cloud-based solutions as they are dominant and cost-effective over the traditional systems being used earlier.

Improved Efficiency:

In the absence of a proper system, the employees being absent on a random basis can be troublesome and lead to constant management crises where employers aren’t aware of delays in work schedule. The employees also find it challenging to maintain a record of the hours they have worked, and the rifts due to mistrust become a common phenomenon. When an HR Software is used, the employees directly register their attendance from the biometric machines. The staff also makes leave applications well in advance so that the management can plan accordingly. The efficient record keeping is also a parameter which helps in better and smooth Payroll Processing as the attendance is the principal pay component in any company.

The proper analysis and compliance with the laid down attendance policies for the proper and timely completion of work. The employees are also able to view their leave balance and net payable days, which makes salary processing more reliable and credible for them. Overall, business productivity is raised, and the employers can remunerate the staff fairly with the whole process becoming transparent and accountability-driven as the employees are responsible for their own work and time keeping just as the employer. This joint responsibility also makes it a proper work environment at work, and remuneration is distributed accordingly.

Use of Reporting Functionalities:

The HR needs to keep a proper record of the employee attendance as this is required by the statutory compliance and management as well. The HT Software is capable of generating comprehensive attendance reports which disclose essential information such as the employee wise break down of details such as days present, the total number of regular and OT hours, leave balance, pending leave applications, and the number of absent employees on a particular day. This data can be harnessed to build better policies for dealing with future situations.

The decision-making regarding the acceptance of leave requests can also be simplified as the aggregate data is available to the managers at the time of taking action. The attendance data is used to decide the leave policy to accommodate the festivals relevant to personnel belonging to a particular ethnicity. The statutory compliance also requires accurate data of attendance for each employee, which is well addressed by the HR Software because the automation allows real-time synchronization of the data.

Fair Remuneration and Advanced Functionalities:

The dedicated HR Tech uses features such as punching from the ESS Portal and Geofencing. The attendance is automatically marked when the personnel enters the company premises, and the captured attendance data is utilized by the system as per the company policy. The employees who need to travel on a frequent basis such as salesmen and staff at the client end can use the ESS Portal to mark their attendance from their respective locations without any time or device restrictions. Thus, the management can get accurate data irrespective of the geographical position, which is also extremely necessary for the businesses engaged in the consultancy domain. The advanced technologies make the data acquisition more trustworthy and straightforward as the chances of tampering with data or overseeing the details are entirely eliminated while the Software also makes the management seamless with minimum chances of errors.

As a commercial undertaking, the businesses are concerned for the time management of their resources as the overall brand value can be damaged due to the constant delays. The conventional methods require a lot of time, effort, and resources which aren’t justified by the value they deliver. So if you are willing to invest in HR Software with the attendance management system, it will surely help you in better time keeping to enhance productivity.

Shy Lee

Shy Lee is an Associate Digital Marketing Manager at factoHR , a India based hr and payroll software solution providers. A creative marketing strategist with over 8 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies and guiding business development

  1. Good read, keep tracking of employee hours using online attendance software for your company,
    thanks to the advanced technology and latest HR Software that can engage remote employees.