Todd Tomasella
Todd Tomasella
Todd Tomasella is a writer and public speaker and helper of the poor and downtrodden. He is the author of several enlightening and influential books on subjects ranging from false prophets, the original lie of Satan to mankind, evangelism, last day / end times victory, and the daily walk of an authentic disciple.

5 Tips for Writing Creative Non-Fiction Book

The Inspiration hits you! Your light bulb lingers on – you’re inside passion, and you follow it. You find a need, and you fulfill it. You find a query and you response to it, and you satisfy it. Todd Tomasella suggests some questions...

Astonishing Qualities That Define a Perfect Public Speaker

One can frequently hear the saying "activity talks louder than words" numerous at times throughout their life. However, there are circumstances when one has a craving for challenging this announcement by saying "No! Words are more impactful than activities". When...