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By TODD TOMASELLA 4,680 views

5 Tips for Writing Creative Non-Fiction Book

The Inspiration hits you! Your light bulb lingers on – you’re inside passion, and you follow it. You find a need, and you fulfill it. You find a query and you response to it, and you satisfy it. Todd Tomasella suggests some questions that are required to answer. Once you get the following, you’ll be able to know if your book has a chance of success.

All these are some utmost reasons require initiating writing – A Nonfiction Book. Most writers – when struck by a good idea, simply begin by writing. However, some utmost reason subsists to evaluate your idea before you beginning writing—at least if you want your book to be successful.

Author of Christian books found – Two most important factors . . . 

Firstly, if you simply need to write the book of your heart without caring about a number of copies you sell, great. Go for it.

On the other hand, if you are targeting to make your book a huge success – means one that sells to lots of readers or to a traditional publisher. It involves time and in-depth research to discover ideas that meet industry standards.

What Your Book Will Be About And Why Readers Buy It?

You’d be surprised to know – many writers aren’t able to explain in 50 words or less, or in 30 seconds or less, what their book is about. Most importantly, the list of benefits their book will provide to readers.

While writing a nonfiction book, hone your topic and its angle. Find out the reasons – why someone prefers your book rather than someone else’s book on the same topic. Design a pitch or elevator speech, a few word statements, writing quotes, elaborating the book essence. Follow it with bulleted points – the added value engages readers, making it easy to read. Alongside, think of exercise, including is writing back cover copy – what`s your opinion about your book that would make someone carry it to the register?

Who Will Read Your Book?

Revolutionary Evangelism Book By Todd tomasella
Revolutionary Evangelism By Todd tomasella

Make sure you know target readers – people whom you are writing for. Also, market research is essential – who is going to read your book? Where you find them? How many readers exist? These are some factors found by Todd Tomasella – required to justify before writing Nonfiction Book. This market research helps you target reader and helps you know for whom who you are writing.


Whether Or Not Your Book Will Be Unique?

The book you plan to write shouldn’t not only unique from other books – in your niche or category, but also necessary to additional titles to your staggering number of books. Take reference from other authors – what they have already written and published. Write in your own style – unique enough to make people purchase your book rather than others.


Whether Or Not You Have Enough Content to Fill a Book?

Sometimes writers think they have enough material for writing. In really they only have enough for an article or for few articles. Or they think they know what content they are going to write – But once they finish the first draft, they discover manuscript that is scattered, rambling, misses the point, or leaves out essential information.

Avoid such problems by mapping out your content first. Before writing, Todd Tomasella suggest practice mind mapping exercise that entails brainstorming while designing an outline of the content. Furthermore, organizing all these ideas into a table of contents or an outline. Once you are done with this process, you’ll find enough content to fill a book.

How Will You Describe Your Book’s Content?

According to Todd Tomasella, include a short synopsis in each chapter associated with life. This benefits your book with the following:

Firstly, when you continuously couple synopsis with your table of contents, your pitch, and a list of benefits, you will have the best writing guide possible.

Secondly, when you end the synopsis of all your chapters, and you have completed the above four steps, you will get a clear picture – what to write in your book and why?

How You Ensure Your Book Succeed?

You require to promote your book whether you self-publish or opt for a traditional publishing deal, Promotion does not mean that you begin after the book lands in your hands as a finished product. The process initiates – the moment that light bulb goes off in your head. From the time you begin the writing process to book launches, promote it effectively in order to build awareness of your book. Effectively promoting on social channels and other media reflecting some key points brings urge in the reader’s mind.

After getting prepared with the above information, and discovering your viable ideas – you can take action on your inspiration i.e. turning your idea into a successful nonfiction book.

Todd Tomasella

Todd Tomasella is a writer and public speaker and helper of the poor and downtrodden. He is the author of several enlightening and influential books on subjects ranging from false prophets, the original lie of Satan to mankind, evangelism, last day / end times victory, and the daily walk of an authentic disciple.