Employee Time Card
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A regular dispute between the employees and the HR department of any organization about the payments made at the end of the week or the month due to improper record keeping of an employee not only about the attendance but also the duration of the work done in case of working overtime.  The employees often complain about less payment they receive as the records are not accurately maintained, and the payments are made according to the documents. One of the solutions to this nagging problem in any organization is issuing time cards to the employees to reflect the actual working hours and pay accordingly. The employee time card is one of the best solutions to these problems and many other benefits when the employees work onsite on the customer’s base.

Employee Time Card

Employee Time Card

The Advantages 

    • Many times it happens that the employees are overpaid due to lack of proper maintenance of the attendance records leading the company into a financial loss. As the employees enter the premises of the organization where they are working, they need to punch the cards in the time clocking machine, and the card records the time of entry. Again when the employees leave after duty, they need to hit the card in the clocking machine to record their time of going. This record is reconciled at the weekend or month-end as per the company rules for making exact payments to the employees without any dispute on either side.
    • Again being an employer for a particular business, the nature of the job for the employees may be on the customer’s base, and it is quite challenging to track their working hours without the employee time card on large scale. The employee visits the onsite work station and uses the electronic card for attendance and begins the work.  It helps to keep track of the employees working outside the premises as all details of working hours are recorded in the employee time card.
    • Again, employee time card is vital to fight any unethical with the employee for some unforeseen hazards that the employee may face after office hours. They cannot claim the benefits from the organization for the risks they have faced beyond working hours as all details are recorded in the card. This benefit is equally applicable to the employees as often many business owners try to avoid their responsibilities for any accidents that had happened during the working hours, and the employee can fight the battle legally showing the details recorded in the card.
    • In a large organization, it is tough to track the attendances of all the employees on the shop floor and often leads to ghost attendances, and the company has to shell out money for the absent employees. With the time cards, this probability is negated to a large extent saving the company for not paying against any ghost attendance and also curbing the habits of the employees for regular absenteeism thinking that they will get paid as the company cannot find them even if absent.
    • The time for mistake and carelessness both for the organization and the employees is over as the market has become fierce and competitive, and only the best can survive the rat race. Perfection in work and accurate timely payment encourages both the employer and the employee to work hard, efficiently to better the performance and the time card is one of the initial steps to break even.


An organization sustains in the market only when the employees work sincerely, and the payments are made cording to their working hours without any dispute. The employees are quite sensitive for short amounts, and the company might lose on the profits paying more. The employee time card is one of the vital tools to come out of any dispute as all attendance is recorded there.

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