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Ayers Rock tours
By ANDREW RUSSELL 2,647 views

Ayers Rock tours: Take in all the Attractions here

Ayers Rock in Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park is one of the prime attractions, which draws a considerable number of people from different corners of the world. Many of them like to be there and click photographs, while some want to add to their excitement a bit more. So, here is a list of things that can jazz up your touring experience beyond expectations. If you don’t want to miss the real fun, then keep an eye on them.

Walking tours in Uluru

The national park has different hiking trails for the adventure as well as nature lovers. Once you get here by car or bus, you should prepare yourself for one of these walking expeditions.

Uluru Base Walk: Circumnavigate the base of Ayers Rock in about three and half hours covering a distance of nearly 9 to 10 km. The surface is flat and smooth to walk.

Liru Walk: This walk starts near the cultural center and takes 1.5 hours to cover a distance of 4.5 kilometers if you roam about leisurely.

Kuniya Walk: It starts from the Kuniya carpark to Mutitjulu Waterhole. On this walking tour, you can enjoy lots of greenery and shade. It’s a cultural spot where you can also come across folklores. The best season for this trail is rain when you can watch the waterfall in its real magnificence.

Mala Walk: Extending from Mala carpark to Kantju Gorge, the walk will bring you to the caves where once Mala people lived in the camps when they first came to Uluru. There will be rock art for you to see before you reach Kantju Gorge, which is famous for its peacefulness. The walk can take about 1.5 hours to cover.

Lungkata Walk: This trail offers visual diversity and geological attraction. While walking this path, you can spot many caves and crevices that shelter numerous species of birds. Since it is one of the least chosen routes of all, you can select this way to witness the most adorable sunset views from the front.

Climbing tours in Uluru

Although aboriginals and the park staff don’t encourage you to climb The Rock, you can still go ahead with your plans if you are determined. The steep climb is for the brave hearts. You can reach the top from anywhere between one and four hours based on your physical and mental strength. However, during hot summer days and strong winds, you may not get a chance as the entry can be closed. Anyway, you can check at the entrance of the park, whether it is open or not.

Sounds of Silence in Uluru

If you wish to have dinner under the canopy of stars, then Sounds of Silence is the perfect choice for you. It’s a three-course dinner that allows you to tuck in the authentic outback Australian flavors. The prices can be a little high, though.

Camel rides in Uluru

You can go on a camel safari at this place from the Uluru Campground that can be as long as 2.5 hours.

Ayers Rock or Uluru is a great place to spend some leisure time while connecting with nature.

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