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The world is becoming driven by data. Accurate, reliable, and specific data is essential to making both large and small decisions, reducing costs, saving time, and more. However, where you choose to gather this information is critical. There are several qualities you want to look for in a B2B data provider to ensure you are accessing the best Ontario business directory

Here is your checklist of a B2B data provider’s must-have features. 


Data that is outdated and contains many errors is a waste of time. A local business directory with this type of information will not offer you the benefits that you need and will not help you with whatever tasks, decisions, etc., that you are currently facing. 

Scott’s Info, for example, works hard to make sure all data you access is accurate and current. Scott’s Info has an accuracy rate of more than 90%. This means that you never have to wonder if the information you access is correct and you don’t have to waste your own time verifying and researching the information. 


How are you accessing the Ontario business directory? Can you access the information you need in just a few clicks of the mouse? Do you have to sort through long sheets of information to find specific data? The ease-of-use and accessibility of the data should be a primary concern. Plus, you may want to make sure that all information can be downloaded and printed if desired.

Understanding of the Sales Funnel

As a lead works its way through the sales funnel, different types of information are needed. For example, at the beginning stage, you need data to help you learn about the customer, contact information, etc. Near the end of the sales funnel, retention and customer loyalty are a priority and your marketing strategy will change. 

The best Canada company directory will provide ample information for each stage in the sales funnel. You will have the information you need and it will be reliable and accurate. 

Deliverability Guarantee

When you reach out to customers, you want to verify that the information you send is delivered. You want to be confident that you are connecting with your leads. The best B2B data provider will offer a deliverability guarantee, giving you the confidence you need that information is accurate, very few messages are being returned, and more. 

To learn more about Scott’s Info Canada company directory and other resources, contact us or visit our website.

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