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In many cases, the most valuable degrees of today will still be the most valuable tomorrow. However, there are gone to change, and a clever person can guess what they are based on what is happening today. The thing about trends is that you need to catch them as they start rather than when they are in full swing. The degrees listed in this article will allow you to jump in on emerging trends so that you may have a long and very successful career.

1 – Big Data Statistics

The age of data collection is well underway, and the fact is there is way too much. Not only are we now dealing with data collected on a massive scale, but the amount that is for sale, moved, transacted, shared and outright stolen is making life more difficult. In short, the world needs more people who are able to interpret the information that is being fed into computers at a geometric rate. This is made worse by the fact that data given to one company may need processing and interpreting a completely different way to how it may be processed and interpreted for another company. Big data analyzers are needed today, and they will be even more in demand in the future.

2 – Digital Advertising

The sheer weight of money being poured into digital advertising is frightening. The team at is frequently working with people who are looking to earn the same as doctors for their efforts in the digital marketing industry. There are people earning fifty thousand per year who are handed budgets of fifty thousand per month to be invested in digital marketing. It is a very high-powered and expensive industry where a digital marketing expert can earn a lot of money.

3 – Accountancy

The business world is becoming a smaller place as massive corporations soak up other massive corporations to congeal into one mammoth of a company. Just look at how many companies Disney has bought up in recent years. Yet, all of these companies need accountants. You may not feel special as you sit in a warehouse full of other accountants, but the fact is that being an accountant is a as skilled job, and they are needed more and more as time goes on.

4 – Communications

You probably do not need an essay on the reasons why communications degrees are so valuable. The amazing strides we have taken in the communications industry are so massive that the entire industry is still running to catch up, and communications experts are needed to help keep things moving forward.

5 – Pharmacology and Toxicology

The Pharmacology and Toxicology industry is massive. There is an epic amount of money to be had, and it is the degree-holding experts who are soaking it up. You will never be famous if you have any of these degrees, nor will beautiful people want to spend time with you. But, you will always have a job, and you will always be wealthy if you have these degrees.

6 – Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is the design, building and maintenance of electrical machinery, equipment and control systems. Since the future is going to rely more heavily on technology, it seems fairly obvious that electrical engineering degrees are going to become more valuable. Where it is true that such degrees expire pretty quickly, it is more about the discipline you are getting into. If you keep your degree updated and stay on the form, then you can have a long and successful career in the electrical engineering industry.

7 – Chemical Engineering

Companies and research groups are turning more and more to chemistry in order to answer life’s problems. This is especially true as the world runs out of oil and new chemicals are needed to replace it. A chemical engineering degree will hold its value for the entirety of your career, which is not something that can be said for a communications degree or an electrical engineering degree. Stick with chemistry if you are looking for the sort of job that will last a lifetime.

8 – Medicine and dentistry

As you may imagine, doctors and dentists are still in high demand, and for this, there is an obvious explanation. It takes a lot of qualifications and training to become a doctor or dentist, and yet each doctor or dentist can only deal with a finite number of people per day. It is not like training to be a programmer where several people can move a project along quickly. Each doctor or dentist deals with one person at a time, which means there is always a demand for doctors and dentists, which pushes the prices of doctors and dentists upwards.

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