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north vancouver realtor
By THE MATT KURAS TEAM  2,727 views

Bag Affordable Accommodation Through Best North Vancouver Realtor

Looking for North Vancouver Realtor?

Currently, the real estate scenario in Canada is one of the hottest in the world. Indeed, it has lived through the pandemic and come out unscathed. Every region in the country including the cottage country and the rural areas has posted growth during the pandemic. The housing market is going strong and is supported by the nation’s economic recovery after the pandemic. There have been rapid sales in the market and prices have ballooned. This has also created an affordability crisis, so much so that many Canadians are sitting on the sidelines and cannot fulfill the dream of having a house.

Investors Aiding The Boom

On most occasions, this boom is ascribed to yield-hungry investors. This has led to the average home price skyrocketing by more than a third. A shortage in housing inventory is also abetting this rise in prices. In critical jurisdictions of Vancouver and a growing list of municipalities, the prices are continuing to go higher and higher. According to the Bank of Canada’s (BoC) financial review, investors represent 20% of all residential purchases. This is even higher than the pre-pandemic period. 

Buyers are now finding it challenging to afford a home in Canada, even in rural communities in the west. This is also giving an upside to rent. However, you can get the best piece of home at an affordable rate if you contact the right North Vancouver realtor. These are the people who have the list of homes for sale in North Vancouver. Indeed, there are several affordable homes in this area. You can get a condo for $4,00,000 and a house for $5,00,000. However, it must be said that most of the lower-end accommodation available here are condominiums with a maximum of two beds and one bath. 

north vancouver realtor

Property Management Company Vancouver

The right property management company in Vancouver can offer you affordable houses or condominiums in several neighborhoods like Shaughnessy, port moody, west Vancouver, Kitsilano, etc. The right Property Management company Vancouver can offer you a house in your preferred community. 

Street Search 

If you have a preference for a specific area or street such as Altamount, Anmore, Ambleside, Barber street, Bayridge, Cambie, College Park Port Moody, Dunbar, etc., you can get featured lists for these places. Indeed, you can match properties by street. So, if you have an acquaintance in Barber Street in Port Moody you can go through property listings for that area. 

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Map Search 

You can also search for a property by map. Whether you are interested in living by the sea or near the mountain, you can select it by the map. An experienced and reputed North Vancouver realtor can offer you ample properties in the area of your preference. 

Rental Listing by North Vancouver realtor

If property prices are too high, and you need some time for buying one, you may go for rentals. The right Property Management company Vancouver can offer you rental homes at an affordable cost. 


Housing prices are booming all over Canada, but there are pockets where you can get good homes at affordable costs. You need to contact a good realtor for this purpose. They can also help you with rentals. 

The Matt Kuras Team 

The Matt Kuras Team helps people find just the right house. They provide excellent property management service in Vancouver, including advertising the property and selecting good quality tenants, communicating with tenants, and arranging maintenance