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restaurant bar stools

Affordable Bar Stools for your Restaurant

When planning a restaurant there are several things that one needs to keep in mind. These factors are space, budget, style (or theme), and furniture. All of these are connected and affect one another, so it’s important to have them all sorted before you get too far started. 

Of all these factors, there’s one that has the most important and that has the most influence over the others is the budget. Money is everything in the restaurant business, just like it is in every other aspect of life. Since it’s the most important, you need to figure that out before any of the other things. The amount in your budget will determine how big your space will be and what kind of furniture you can get. 

Starting within your budget can be difficult, especially since there are always random costs that pop up or things are more expensive than you initially thought. The best way to ensure you can stay within your budget is to be a little flexible with your money. I don’t mean spend more than what you’ve planned for, but rather, make compromises when making purchases. 

Making compromises might involve investing in a larger space at first, but buying less furniture. Or it could be having a smaller space but buying higher quality furniture. Regardless of the situation, you can be somewhat flexible on where your allotted money goes. One area that is usually affected by financial compromises is restaurant furniture. 

Even though restaurant owners do tend to put buying furniture on the back-burner, a great thing about restaurant furniture is that you can still find great furniture that fits within most budgets! While this is possible, it does take some patience and research on the owner’s part. In order to choose the best, most affordable furniture, be sure to look at the furniture’s style, material, and size. 

A great piece that is all of the above is bar stools. Restaurant bar stools are a customer favorite so being able to afford those would be a great addition to your restaurant. Finding an affordable, yet sturdy, durable, and stylish bar stool is actually easier than it sounds. The first step in the process is to find your ideal material

Bar Stool Materials: 

  • Wood is one of, if not the most popular choice of materials to use when making bar stools. It’s the most classic and can be changed to fit any theme or restaurant-style. It’s also low-maintenance, but high-quality and lasts for years.
  • Even though wood is a great material for bar stools, be mindful when looking, as wood can be rather expensive. The price usually depends on the type of wood used, so always check that out first. 
  • Metal is another popular material choice. While not as widely used as wood, it’s still a great alternative. For one, it’s more affordable than wood. It’s also lighter, which makes it easier to move around. 
  • A negative aspect of metal stools is that they can be rather uncomfortable and they usually aren’t as stylish as wooden stools. 

After choosing the material, you’ll need to make sure you buy the appropriately sized chair. In order to do this, you have to take careful measurements of your space, while also keeping in mind how much space you’d like to have between each seat. Once you get the dimensions for your stools, you’ll be able to go shopping and find your ideal and affordable furniture!

Michelle Salinger

I'm writing for about products such as restaurant booths, chairs, tables and different types of table tops, commercial chairs and bar stools.