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basement finishing
By JOE MAILLET 2,051 views

Why Basement Finishing is Useful

Lots of owners use a basement as a full-fledged living space, cellar, storage space for household equipment. Regardless of the intended use, the basement must be dry – this is the main condition under which the life of the foundation and the building as a whole is extended.

Groundwater can penetrate into the basement, condensation often accumulates on the walls and ceiling of the basement. Moisture, as you know, causes irreparable harm to concrete, it is an ideal environment for the formation of mold and mildew. Of course, moisture from the basement soaks the walls, and subsequently, even in the internal living quarters of the house, the micro-climate worsens, the smell of dampness and other negative consequences appear. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to make a basement finishing and repairing.

Before starting repairing work, it’s desirable to hire specialists who run a check of the basement to determine the amount of work required. Professional masters who implement the basement finishing conscientiously provide services to their clients, providing an objective assessment of the condition of a particular object, explain the need and level of importance of each type of work. Of course, if home-owners are skillful enough they can estimate the conditions of their basement themselves and make its finishing and repairing unaided.

For example, one of the most important points to pay attention to when finishing a basement is waterproofing and eliminating foundation defects. Also, all communications located in the basement are being repaired, and first of all, the sewerage and drainage system.

It is worth noting that if repairs are carried out by non-professionals, there may be a risk to the health and life of workers if the electricity is not turned off in the basement. You can hire the contractors who have experience in repairing basements in various houses, arranging residential basements, repairing utilities. We should hire contractors who can carry out draining the basement, dismantling the old waterproofing, and equipping the new one, using modern waterproofing materials.

Recall that if the old waterproofing is not completely removed, it is very important to use absolutely homogeneous materials. To protect the basement from moisture, both membrane and penetrating waterproofing materials can be used. It is also necessary to eliminate cracks in the walls of the foundation so that water does not penetrate into the basement and the supporting structures of the building do not collapse.

To repair cracks, they are jointed, cleaned, after which they are poured with mortar or other, more modern solutions. The contractors you hire should also carry out the types of work as an arrangement of window openings to increase natural light, expand the basement area, insulation, floor arrangement, repair, and finishing work.

Basement finishing is one of the most demanded services, as it allows you to expand the living space in an existing house. A well-renovated basement can be used as a full-fledged living room, a gym, etc.

The high professionalism of the craftsmen allows, with very moderate investment, to extend the service life and safety of the house, supporting structures, equip an additional room in the basement, in other words, to make life more comfortable.

Joe Maillet

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