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Basic Tips on How to Maintain Electrical Systems At Home for All Kinds of Electricians
By JACK LOUIS 3,792 views

Basic Tips on How to Maintain Electrical Systems At Home for All Kinds of Electricians

Electricity is one of the necessary components for everyday life. Because of the radical increase in the number of appliances at homes, more and more electricity is used up. An influx in the number of technologies has also increased the number of accidents resulted because of electricity. Preventing electrical accidents are important at home and at the workplace too. Sometimes there are certain committees set up in an organization to ensure that electrical accidents don’t occur. Keeping all this in mind, there are certain tips that every electrician should follow when it comes to maintaining the electrical systems at residential properties.

  1. Maintenance of Electrical and Extension Cords: The first thing that a qualified and experienced electrician can check is whether there are any electrical cords that are running haphazardly under carpets or across doorways. Along with this, one can check to see if any of these wires are damaged. The damaged ones should be replaced as soon as possible. Since extension cords are for temporary usage, a qualified and experienced electrician will ensure that the cords are connected to receptacle outlets.
  1. Wiring of Electrical Devices: The devices for electricity should be wired properly to ensure that all electrical connections are secure and safe. There are certain appliances that need only 120-volt outlets and some that need only 240-volt outlets. Ensuring that the wires are connected to the device terminals is not enough. A qualified and experienced electrician needs to know the right way to tighten and bend connections to ensure that the connections will work efficiently for years together.
  1. Efficient Packing of Electrical Boxes: This tip might sound trivial. However, if the packing of electrical boxes is not done efficiently chances of people meeting with the accidents because of wires lying around increases drastically. The wires can be neatly arranged and folded carefully into a box. All the bare wires can be gathered and connected into a long pigtail type. They can be folded and placed inside a box with the pig tail hanging outside.
  1. Maintenance of Electrical Appliances: A qualified and experienced electrician should always know to use the right bulb that matches the recommended wattage reading on the fixtures or the lamps. If there is no sticker that indicates the wattage that can be used, the electrician should get a sticker to indicate this wattage. The electrician should also recommend the user to plug only one heat-producing appliance into a single receptacle outlet at once. One more safety measure is that every appliance should be kept away from the bathtubs, pools, and sinks. Moreover, the area around the electric meter and various equipment should be kept clear also.

Different Types of Wires

A qualified and experienced electrician should clearly know the type of wire that needs to be used for a particular application. The various features include the color and size of the wire and the wire based on the load. The other types of wire include the ground wire, neutral, and hot.  If the electrician is not aware of the different types, then he should acquire this knowledge as soon as possible.

All these points are very valuable when it comes to various factors that an electrician has to work on continuously and improve their overall standing in the market. As seen in any profession, electricians should be able to continuously improve in their craft. They should strive for excellence and make sure that their customers are happy with the quality of work.

In a nut shell, a licensed electrical contractor can help you assess and address these potential electrical hazards.

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