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Sports Court marking lines are the lines that are seen on the court which defines the goals and separates the two teams, etc. The court lines are used for various purposes. Usually, these court marking lines are painted, the use of PVC tape is popular for the temporary courts and inlaid lines are preferred by limited options present on the sports floors. It is important that the paint that is selected for court marking lines must be tested in advance to match the floor. The manufacturers will help in supplying a proven paint and will provide the guidance too.

To avoid any overlapping lines, the layout of the court must be marked beforehand. The drawing of the line varies according to the projectile. The line which has more importance is drawn first followed by the other lines. The manufacturers recommend visiting specialist painting firms in order to get the work done without any hassle. The drawing of sport court line marking isn’t as easy as it sounds, and experts are required to take care of the work.

If the floor is used for different games, then the lines must be differentiated with the use of colors. Each sport has different colored sport court line marking and this helps in finding the difference between the lines on the court while playing. There are some manufacturers in the market who will provide a combined service of court marking lines as well as the installation of fixed sports equipment. Computer drawn layouts are preferred in order to get a perfect court marking lines for the painting job.

  • Badminton – White
  • Netball- Other than yellow any color can be used but preferred one is red
  • Five a side ball- Light blue/ yellow
  • Tennis- yellow
  • Basketball- black
  • Volleyball- Green
  • Hockey- light blue or orange
  • Handball- orange or light blue
  • Practice basketball- Dark blue

These are the colors that are used to paint the sport court line marking. The color also depends on the floor sometimes when it comes to domestic courts. The normal courts follow a proper pattern with floor color and marking color, but the home courts can be different, so the lines are drawn in different colors.

Outdoor Games

For indoor courts, it is very easy to draw sport court line marking but the scenario is different for marking the lines on the synthetic grass on the field in games such as football or soccer and hockey. The lines on these synthetic grass courts have either been tufted during the time of manufacturing or they were cut in when the surface was installed. The color choice is important to suit the sport. The white color is used for the outdoor sports and the yellow, blue and red colors are used for the remaining sports. On concrete or bituminous surfaces, multi-court marking is preferred.

Products That Are Used for Sport Court Line Marking

Until the environmental protection agency issued to stop the use of sump oil (waste oil) for lining, the educational institutions and training centers used it only as it was cheap, durable and reliable but since the orders, the scenario changed. The environment-friendly products are used to design the sport court line marking.

Using the oil paint will make the floor slippery when it gets in contact with water and these lines crack-up with time. So, it is important to avoid the oil. The most commonly used products for court marking lines are:

  • Agriculture lime which consists of CaCO3, calcium carbonate, calcite, whiting)
  • Iron (red) oxide and White (zinc) oxide
  • Water-based plastic paint

These are some of the basics of the sport court line marking. The drawing of court marking lines depends upon various factors, but the materials used for any kind of court are same.

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