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freestanding bath suites
By KATE JOHNSON 2,700 views

FAQ About Freestanding Bath Suites

The freestanding bath suites are an easier and cost-effective way to achieve your desired look in the bathroom. Buying a new bathroom poses many challenges. One of them is finding and buying fixtures that coordinate well with each other. It’s not just the colors that should match, but their style, shapes, designs, and size should also be the same. However, finding every fixture is difficult. You may have to spend a lot of time finding such items. It may even cost you more as well. So, the manufacturers have tried to solve this problem by offering all matching units in a single package. 

But what you should do to ensure that you buy a perfect bath suite? What’s its cost? And installation issue. Many questions may arise in anyone’s mind. In this article, we have discussed different frequently asked questions to clear up your mind about it. 

What are The Bath Suites?

The freestanding bath suites are the set of a freestanding bath and other fixtures that are offered a coordinated look. These have the same color, style, and size. So, you don’t have to spend time on matching items. Whether you need the freestanding style or fitted one, there are always type suites that are available as per your requirements.

The bath suite essentially includes a matching freestanding style bathtub, a sink, a toilet (close-coupled type), and a vanity unit. Depending on the package offered, it may exclude any item from it. Therefore, you may choose the one as per your requirements.

If you have a small bathroom space, then it will need you to have smaller fixtures. To solve this problem, you will need compact fixtures that take less space. The good news is that there are specially designed fixtures that take less space. You may choose from cloakroom suites or wall-hung bath suites for such purposes. 

What to Consider Before Buying?

There are many important considerations that you should consider before buying a bath suite.

  • The first thing you will need to consider is the bathroom space that is available for the bath suite. Unless you know the space, it will be difficult to decide about the size of your bathroom fixtures. So, you must start by taking measurements.
  • The second point is deciding about the style. You may have to opt for a freestanding bath for a traditional or timeless look. While for the modern look, choice fitted fixture suites such as wall-hung units. 
  • Another important thing that you need to know before buying is the budget. Since these bath suites can have an enormous variation in their prices, you always ensure that you already have decided on the budget. 

Do These Bath Suites Cost More?

The freestanding bath suites have a range of prices that range from a few hundred to thousands. It is because they consider many freestanding style units luxurious. Perhaps, these types of units are common to create highly luxurious designs. Your choice of bath suites should depend on your budget. You must decide how much money you want to spend on it before buying it. 

Do You Want to Get Freestanding Bath Suites?

In this article, we have answered a few frequently asked questions about freestanding bath suites. These suites can be an excellent choice if you have a larger bathroom and want to create a coordinated look. Regardless of the price, these will create a luxurious-looking bathroom with little effort. At Royal Bathrooms, we have an extensive range of bathroom fittings and fixtures available at a lower price than the market. If you want to buy high-quality bathroom items with a lifetime warranty, then visit our website to have a look at our offerings. For your and the safety of your loved one, don’t forget to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

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