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Many BBQ enthusiasts like to throw BBQ parties on weekends and special occasions. The correct BBQ smoker is essential to cook the perfect smoked meat. There are many types of BBQ smokers available for sale in the market. The key is to purchase the one suited for your needs. BBQ smokers don’t come cheap. Thus it is essential to spend your money on one which perfectly fits your requirements.

Here are some helpful facts for anyone looking to purchase a BBQ.

Fact 1

Commercial smokers are for professional cooks looking to monetize their expertise in barbequing. For conventional barbequing, there is no need to purchase a commercial smoker. Custom smokers are also widely available in the market. Custom smokers are custom made and loaded with features specially designed to enhance the process of barbequing and grilling. Such smokers enable even cooking by preventing the development of hot spots in the meat.

Fact 2

The common types of smokers available in the market include vertical charcoal smokers, offset dry smokers, stand up smokers and tow along smokers to name a few. Smokers also vary in terms of doors such as 2 door and 3 door smokers.

Fact 3

Smokers can run on various fuel sources such as charcoal, electricity, and gas. Smokers that run on both electricity and gas and other combinations are also available in the market.

Fact 4

Direct and indirect heat are the two categories of smokers. A direct heat smoker has the heat source located directly beneath the grate, which allows barbequing with direct heat. An indirect heat smoker also called offset smoker has a firebox that houses the heat source from which the smoke emanates and travels through the cook chamber in which the meat cut is placed.

Fact 5

Commercial smokers are different from smokers designed for home use in terms of size, power source, and type of usage.

Fact 6

Commercial smokers are usually customized to handle a large number of customers. Smokers for home use can also be customized.

Fact 7

Stick burners refer to smokers who use wood as the fuel source. Pellet smokers use pellets of compressed sawdust as the fuel source. Charcoal smokers use charcoal as the fuel source.

Fact 8

Trailer smokers are big and are designed for commercial use. The design allows proper airflow inside it, which keeps the temperature at 225 degrees to enable the smoker to impart a perfect flavor to the meat.

Fact 9

The efficiency of a smoker is determined by the amount of smoke generated by it and the amount of fuel consumed by it. The smoke and temperature of a highly efficient smoker can be controlled.

Fact 10

Portable smokers are compact, which enables them to be carried anywhere.

Fact 11

Smokers require a lot of accessories which are available in the market. These include smoker thermometer, racks, shelves and grilling basket.

Fact 12

Smoke generated by smokers imparts a unique flavor to the food.

Fact 13

The price of a smoker depends upon its type, size and brand. Large commercial smokers cost more.

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