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Beach Vacation
By JOE MAILLET 1,718 views

5 Unique Beach Adventures to Electrify your Vacation

You’ve worked really hard to build up that vacation time, and now that the weather is warming up you’re ready to head out on your annual beach vacation! As you prepare for your trip, you may be wondering: what is something new and exciting I can try that will electrify my sense of adventure and thrill my family?

There are many oceanside excursions for thrillseekers to sink their teeth into, from extreme water sports to deep-sea fishing. If you’re into a more chill activity, parasailing or shore fishing might be more up your alley.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, outdoor enthusiast, or simply want to spice up your fitness routine, here are some unique adventures you and your family can explore on the beach this summer.

1.  Windsurfing

Windsurfing is a great beach sport to try and a great workout, and it is relatively easy to get started! There is no prior experience necessary to windsurf, and it can be both electrifying and relaxing to leave your troubles at the shoreline and hit the waves. Check out what courses your vacation destination has to offer because a beginner windsurfing class is a quick way to learn and borrow quality equipment at the same time!

2.  Surf Fishing

Surf fishing refers to fishing in saltwater (ocean) as opposed to freshwater (lake, stream, pond), and you can choose to get as intense about the sport as you would like. Educate yourself on surf fishing before your next vacation and take a riveting charter boat ride into the open ocean, or lazily cast your line from the comfort of the shore. The best places to surf fish include Florida, Delaware, and Hawaii, and there’s so much opportunity for success that you won’t even have to tell a “big fish tale” about your next catch!

3.  Surfing

Many travel the world in search of the high of riding the biggest waves! This sport is extremely addicting, and for good reason. Warm water and sunshine, a mental and physical workout, and the adrenaline rush of riding that perfect wave. Surfing is an extremely fun sport once you get the hang of it, but unlike windsurfing, you won’t perfect the technique in an afternoon. Surfing requires coordination, timing, and balance to master and it will take some dedication before you’re riding the waves like a pro.

4.  Parasailing

Looking for a safe and accessible beach activity that will carry you hundreds of feet above the ocean for a breathtaking view? If you aren’t afraid of heights, consider trying out parasailing! Once you get over the initial fear of falling out, it is surprisingly peaceful all the way up there attached to your parachute. This is also an easy activity to do solo, or fly tandem with a family member!

5.  Jet Skiing

If you are looking for an affordable way to get some endorphins on your beach vacation without breaking the bank or getting too “extreme,” jet skiing may be for you. It’s affordable to rent a few jet skis and the whole family can participate. Also, it’s a great way to get in the water if you don’t love swimming.

These are just a few ways you can awaken your adventurous spirit and make a great new vacation memory to take back home with you. Make sure you are staying safe at the beach by learning to swim before your trip and avoiding too much sun exposure. With any and all beach adventures, don’t forget to always wear the proper safety gear, invest in the proper lessons and certifications, and wear sunscreen!

Joe Maillet

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