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In the winter, when the weather is cold and dry, air and wind will make your hair and skin dry, especially sensitive skin and hair. You should take care of your hair carefully to avoid unexpected injuries to your hair. Below are some tips to take care of your hair in the winter to get a beautiful, durable, and smooth hair.

To Have Strong Hair, You Should Take Care Of Your Scalp

In winter months, the reduction of oil glands’ operation, dry air, low moisture, and moving from low-temperature, the dry environment into the heated room (especially when heating machine nowadays desiccate very rapidly) are the main reasons that make inside and outside environments harmful to your skin and hair.

You should not wash your hair too regularly. You should only use warm water to clean because your scalp is always drier in the winter than usual, so, washing your hair too frequently with too hot water makes your scalp drier and weaker. It would be better when reducing the heat of the water gradually while washing your hair, and at last, you should wash with cold and clean water.

You should also use moisture-supply shampoos and hair conditioners on the dry hair in the winter. However, the hair conditioners only work when you spend enough time for it. It means that you should keep it within 20 to 30 minutes before rewashing your hair. You should not use hair conditioners too near your scalp and remember to wipe it away totally. If there is any shampoo or hair conditioner left, your hair will look sticky, and your scalp will be itchy.

When drying your hair, keep remembering to dry from the root to the top of the hair. Never use the heated perming machine in your hair whenever it’s wet because the heat can break your hair. Don’t perm, dye, and “highlight” clear in just one day. Let your hair rest in 2 or 3 weeks before any changes in your hairstyle.

You should not eat too many sweet foods and fast food, which are difficult to digest. The leading hair stylist Andrew Jose advised that: you should increase the amount of zinc, iron, vitamins B, C, and E, fresh fruits, green vegetables, some kinds of beans, broken rice, etc., which are very necessary for hair’s growth and health.

Keep remembering that water is always a required mineral resource for everything. And it even becomes more critical in dry weather when your body is dehydrated, too. You should drink eight glasses of water a day for a healthy body.

In cold winter days, wool scarf and hats are not only the warmer but also indispensable fashion items. However, they also make your hair slacked when you wear them for a long time because our hair electrolytes from materials such as wool. To deal with this problem, you should bring with you a lightweight spray product to use when your hair slacks. You shouldn’t wear too tight hats or scarf as your scalp cannot circulate normally or can be irritated.

Finally, you should not let your hair contact directly with the wind, which will make your hair tangled and difficult to comb. If this condition prolongs, your hair will be dry, hurt, and split.

Avoid Harmful Habits That Destroy Your Hair

To have healthy and beautiful hair, you should avoid these bad habits:

Scratching head strongly

If you scratch your scalp too firmly, you can damage the hair roots. So, you should massage your scalp slightly with shampoo for 1 minute: put your fingers in your scalp like spider legs and massage by gently moving the finger. By this way, you will remove dirt and residues. Flush water along your hair to avoid messing it. Run your fingers through the hair to clean the shampoo and wash again with cool and clean water. Cool water will make your scalp toned and your hair soft and smooth.

Combing hair too quickly and strongly

Combing hair too strongly can break or damage your hair. Let’s comb slightly and gently, don’t hitch the hair. Use sparse combs made of wood or keratin. Dense combs or ones made of metal can make your hair broken. Let’s start to comb by debug the tangled hair, then comb slowly reversely toward the hair roots.

Using a hairdryer regularly

The heat is the no.1 enemy of the hair. Heat will make your hair dry, easy to break and weaken your scalp. Beauty care experts suggest that you should let your hair dry naturally. If you are in a hurry or when it’s too cold, you can use s hairdryer, but remember to keep it about 25 centimeters away from your hair and dry at a suitable level.

Abuse of hair care products

The overuse of hair care products sometimes brings unexpectedly opposite effect, primarily when you use wrong products that do not suit your hair. This may make your hair look dirty and bring more dandruff. So, let’s choose suitable products and use them at a reasonable frequency.

Washing hair after playing sports

If you play sport every day and you wash your hair after playing to remove all the sweat away, it’s not a good habit. The scalp needs two times longer than body skin to regenerate. Therefore, dermatologists suggest that you should spend two days between washing times. If you wash your hair too regularly, there’s not enough time for the scalp to regenerate, and it’ll be weaker, and thinner, so, its protection for hair roots becomes worse, your hair will be broken or shed. To clean your hair after playing sport, you should only wash quickly the hair roots with warm water, then blot them dry, don’t use the dryer. You had better use shampoo only twice a week. The more shampoo you use, the drier your hair would be.

Above are some tips and advice that you should note to take care of your hair in the winter. Hope that with these suggestions, you’ll have a beautiful and robust hair to bright up in the cold winter!

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