8 Beauty Products use in swim time

Spending time by the pool and enjoying a swim is an excellent way to spend an afternoon with friends and family and if you want to look your best and look after your body while spending time in the sun there are a few beauty products you might want to take with you.

Here is a look at some of the items that you might consider packing alongside your costume for your trip to the pool.

Protect your skins protective layer

Swimming is a great way to relax and get some exercise but if you are lying out in the sun and taking a dip in the pool to cool off at regular intervals there is a fair chance that you could expose your skin to pollutants and harmful UV rays.

You might not have heard of your skin’s acid mantle, which is also often referred to as the hydrolipid barrier, but it does a vital job in trying to protect your skin from harm.

If your skin’s acid mantle becomes unbalanced or even temporarily removed as a result of harsh chemicals, like those found in the pool to keep it clean, you need to find a way to restore it.

Amongst the beauty products available here you will find suggestions for helping your skin stay hydrated and maintaining the right acid mantle balance.

It would seem to be a good idea to take a product with you to the pool so that you can enjoy your time there and give your skin a helping hand at the same time.

Prevent chlorine damage to your hair

It is much better to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to protecting your hair and that is a good reason for packing a pre-swim hair defense product.

What you want to do is try and prevent chlorine damage happening in the first place and it also makes sense to use something that helps your hair’s natural color while you enjoy your swim.

Try a body lotion

As well as protecting your hair from the damaging effects of chlorine you might want to consider using a chlorine neutralizing body lotion that you can apply over your skin to give it a protective barrier.

Look for a lotion that contains useful nutrients such as coconut oil and cocoa butter and a liberal application should have the effect of offering a much-needed barrier against the effects of chlorine.

When you are ready to step away from the pool

You will want to take a shower and get ready for the next part of your day once you have had your time in and around the pool and this is the time to make sure that you wash all traces of salt, odors, and chlorine from your body.

When you have subjected yourself to these elements you might want to pack a body wash that is designed to specifically tackle and eliminate these traces from your skin.

You should be able to find a body wash that is designed to remove things like chlorine and salt, which can have a tendency to cling to your skin, and provides a bit of rehydration at the same time.

Pack a soap bar instead

If you prefer to use a soap bar rather than a body wash gel you can get one that is designed to tackle chlorine more effectively than a conventional bar.

This type of product should prove effective in helping to remove chlorine from your skin and wash away any of that odor that can be associated with swimming pool water. A soap bar might prove kinder to your skin and it should help reduce any dryness or itchiness that you might experience as a result of your exposure to chemicals such as chlorine.

If you don’t want to go totally “au natural” with your face

It is not exactly practical to wear makeup when you are going to be spending time poolside and taking a dip but you might not be that keen to be completely barefaced.

A suitable compromise would be to use an SPF product that is tinted and gives you that glow you want while still being able to enjoy a swim and a sunbathe.

Perfect eyes that let you go from pool to party in an instant

If you like to wear mascara but worry about how you will look when you step out of the water the solution would be to search out a waterproof mascara that promises to keep your eyes looking good even after you have taken a dip.

You wouldn’t be the first person to wonder whether there really is a mascara out there that is truly smudge-proof and totally waterproof.

According to some makeup artists who are asked their opinion on this searching question the ability to be totally smudge-proof does tend to rely on how you apply the mascara. Waterproof mascaras often contain more liquid than conventional products designed for everyday use and the trick is to try not to blink when brushing it on. Another great tip from the professionals is to apply a small amount of translucent powder under your lower lash line and give it time to dry before you complete your application of the mascara.

If you pack a waterproof mascara and know how to apply it like a makeup artist it should allow you to enjoy perfect eyes all day long.

Don’t forget a water mist

Last but not least, it is worth remembering that one of the most effective ways of refreshing your skin in a natural way is to use a water mist.

Spending a day outdoors by the pool and soaking up the sun can take its toll on your skin and you can soon feel the heat too. The perfect antidote to that scenario is to grab your refreshing water mist from your bag and feel refreshed and revitalized in an instant.

If you pack some of these items for your trip to the pool it should help to make sure that you look and feel good all day long.

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