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By ANKITA KAHOL 5,287 views

Must Follow Beauty Tips For Brides

Most brides often desire to look divine at their wedding that they have never been before. The fantasy of glowy skin, a perfectly toned body, luscious hair, and long nails are every bride’s desire on D-day. Every girl has dreamt about this day. Their bridal makeup and hairstyle must be elegant and irresistible that people can’t take their eyes off.

To fulfill this dream of your matrimony, you must prepare yourself for your special day. You must be looking special, especially when you would be the center of attention. To acquire that dreamy bridal look, assign a trusted professional makeup artist and hairstylist. Stick with the blog for some beauty tips for all brides-to-be.

1. Schedule Your Frequent Sessions:

Schedule all your bridal sessions from the day you get engaged. For instance, schedule your monthly manicure pedicure sessions, waxing, cleansing, or facial sessions.

Trim your split ends, thread your brows, and go for nail extensions. You must pre-planned everything so that you don’t bother near your wedding.

2. Dental Session:

The enormous makeup of every bride is her smile. So eventually, your teeth must be white, and your gums should be healthy. If you have any dental issues, book your appointment with your dentist.

Although, most toothpaste has teeth whitening ingredients, which help to lighten our teeth. If you need quick results, you can use whitening strips or head to a dentist.

As a bride, you must consider every little thing as precious because you will be the star of your wedding and you must look perfect.

3. Eat Healthily:

Most girls who have belly fat must be conscious of their diet. Often brides want to fit in their designer wedding outfits without showing their belly fat. So to overcome your weight or to maintain your figure, you must focus on your diet.

That would be great if you start eating healthy and avoid consuming unhealthy food. Start incorporating dark green vegetables, fruits, spinach, carrots, legumes, citrus fruits, fish, eggs, cheese, etc.

Stop eating sugar, oily, high carbs food, processed food, or junk food. Unhealthy food may lead to belly fat and bloating. Get a healthy habit of eating proteinaceous and nutritious food.

4. Work Out Daily:

Workout is necessary to achieve a perfectly toned body. As it regulates your mind and body. Exercise makes your body tight, firm and also helps to detoxify your body.

You can do exercise, yoga, or gymming to boost your energy. Keep yourself stress-free which is crucial for every bride-to-be.

5. Prep Your Skin For Your Bridal Makeup:

Skin preparation is a crucial step for brides before applying makeup. Your makeup would become long-lasting and doesn’t crease. To get a glowy look, you can use hyaluronic acid to plump your skin or incorporate serums into your skincare routine.

Start your skincare regimes at least two months before your marriage. You can try to include chemical peels, which can help you to minimize pigmentation, scars, and pores. You can even add essence and sheet masks to your skincare routine.

6. Run a Makeup Test:

You can’t experiment with new products at the moment. You might be allergic to some makeup products. So, schedule your makeup trial at least 3-4 months before the wedding.

Make counseling with your makeup artist, and she will help you select your wedding attire. You can finalize your bridal hairstyle as well. If you secure your look in advance, you will only be left with shoppings and pampering sessions.

7. Take Care of Your Lips:

Lips are the most prominent and underestimated feature of your face. All brides-to-be must take extra care of their lips just like other features. To get soft rosy, plump lips, exfoliate them regularly, apply a good quality lip balm with SPF in it.

You may not want to have dry, chapped lips on their special day. Hence, exfoliation and moisturization are a must for lips as well.

8. Treat Your Hair:

Just like makeup, your hair also becomes a center of attraction in your wedding. Any hairstyle looks stunning on long luscious hair.

So plan your hair treatments, like spa, coloring, or trimming. Try homemade hair masks and apply them every week to get healthy and shiny hair.

9. Body Polishing is a Must For Brides:

Which bride doesn’t want to get smooth and glowy skin for their matrimony? Body polishing is a traditional ritual in Asia. Ladies used to apply a thick brightening paste all over their body and wash it off while scrubbing their body.

They did that before the marriage to get a natural glow. This traditional ubtan pack has become a ritual afterward. You can start using this process three months before the marriage ceremony.

10. Do Not Experiment With New Products:

Some products might contain some ingredients to which you might be allergic. If you apply any product with an allergic component, you are most probably getting a skin infection.

To avoid that you shouldn’t try new products near your wedding. If you are taking any skin treatment, avoid using natural products as well. They might harm your skin more than benefit.

Ankita Kahol

Hi, I am Ankita Kahol. Here I write about beauty, makeup, and basically anything whom I have some knowledge. Writing blogs is a significant way to convey thoughts so I choose to write my thoughts on this platform. I hope you'll like my blogs.

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