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Is It Possible To Become Pregnant If My Periods Are Irregular?

Is It Possible To Become Pregnant If My Periods Are Irregular?

Periods or menstruation is a part of the menstrual cycle that happens in every female for every month. On average women get periods about every 28 to 35 days and lasts for about 2 to 7 days depending on the characteristics of the body. Women experience their first periods at the age of 10 to 15 which is known as puberty and the menstrual cycle ends at the age of 50 to 55 years which is known as menopause. Irregular periods are defined when you get periods usually in 21 days and takes way more than 35 days. Various risk factors are involved for irregular periods. If irregular periods are left untreated, it can rise to a major complication. 


Irregular periods can make it hard to tell whether you’re pregnant. It can make it harder to predict ovulation and it may be confusing to take a pregnancy test. Contingent upon the reason, ladies with unpredictable periods may likewise have more noteworthy trouble getting pregnant. You need to receive Irregular Menstrual Cycle Treatment at the right time to avoid any complications.

In case you are unmarried and suffering from a disturbed period cycle it is always advised to visit a Gynaecologist for Irregular Periods of Treatment For Unmarried.


Possible Causes for Irregular Periods:

Mental Stress: Stress and anxiety are two main reasons in the majority of women for irregular periods.

Change in your diet: Our diet doesn’t remain the same throughout the year. Few months we binge eat and in a few months, we eat less compared to the other months. These extreme diet changes can confuse your body and hormone production is hit, which can also be a reason for missing periods.

Menopause: For a woman above the age of 55 the body does not produce eggs, and slowly the periods are missed. This happens when the woman is nearing the menopause stage. Married women with irregular periods find it stressful to become pregnant as ovulation does not occur. In such cases, if the underlying reason for irregular periods is a minor complication you will be put under medication and given a few tips to change your lifestyle. Choose a gynecologist near you and take proper Irregular Periods Treatment For Married as it can help you with pregnancy.

Fertility drugs aren’t your solitary alternative. You might have the option to make way of life changes, contingent upon the reason for your sporadic cycles. 

In case you are overweight, losing some weight might be sufficient to kick off ovulation and help you consider. The examination has shown that large ladies who lose only 10% of their body weight can begin ovulating all alone once more. 

Keep in mind, however, that some weight issues are brought about by a hidden hormonal awkwardness. Trying not to accept your stoutness is only an issue of eating right. See your primary care physician, and afterward, make a weight-reduction plan. 

On the off chance that outrageous consuming fewer calories is the issue, changing your eating routine to a more adjusted arrangement, and in any event, putting on some weight in case you’re underweight, can assist with directing your cycles. In the event that your issue is over-work out, scaling back may control your cycles. In case you’re a competitor, address your primary care physician about your choices. You might have to enjoy a reprieve from your game to kick off your cycles once more.

One of the successful procedures for infertile women to get pregnant is In vitro fertilization. This is a complex medical procedure of retrieving both female egg and male sperm and fertilizing them in a laboratory and then the embryo is transferred into the female womb. Each cycle of IVF requires about 3 weeks of time. You may require more than one cycle of IVF for some women. 

IVF is considered to be one of the most successful processes in people dealing with infertility and also genetic problems. It is also chosen by the women who are trying to get pregnant after the age of 40. Though there are several risks associated with IVF like multiple childbirth, premature delivery and underweight birth, miscarriage, birth defects, and stress. Delivering a perfectly healthy baby through IVF depends on your health and the reason for infertility.

As it is a long process that involves a lot of time and also a couple of medications it can be really tiring and stressful for both partners. Building up a bond of understanding is very crucial to avoid stressful situations. 

The procedure of IVF:

Before you visit an infertile clinic to undergo IVF ensure to check the clinics’ success rate as it is important. The important steps that are involved in IVF:


  • Ovarian reserve testing
  • Semen analysis
  • Infection screening
  • Mock embryo transfer
  • Uterine examination

In case of irregular periods, you will be provided with hormonal injections and tablets to ensure you have healthy ovulation during egg retrieval. When your uterus is severely complicated and unhealthy to carry a baby, you also are suggested the option of surrogacy. Surrogacy is a process where the embryo formed by your egg and your partner’s sperm is transferred into the uterus of the healthy woman. Though this is a completely legal procedure you may be required to follow accordingly. Consult your Gynaecology Specialist In Bangalore in case you experience an irregular period to receive medical assistance immediately before it gets complicated.

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